Three years after a global pandemic, Canadians’ mental health has plummeted due to different systemic factors. Residents from Canada have been invited by Bell Let’s Talk Day to take part in the discussion on mental health over the last 12 years.

Every January, Bell Let’s Talk Campaign encourages people to join. Each long-distance, local, and text call, the company will donate five Canadian Coins to the mental health charities.

Many are still unconvinced and want to learn if Bell Lets Talk Scam.

Bell Let’s Talk!

Bell Let’s Talk is an awareness campaign that was created by and is owned by the well-known telecommunications company Bell Canada. The campaign was designed to raise awareness about mental health and combat stigmatizing mental illness.

Bell is by far the largest corporation that is committed to mental health awareness. Bell Let’s Talk began in January 2011 and has since raised funds to ensure that the country is free of stigma.

The last event was held on 26th Jan 2022.

Is Bell let’s talk a scam?

Every year, the telecommunications company hosts the mental health awareness campaign at the beginning of January. The campaign was initiated in 2011 and has been running for five consecutive years. Funds have been raised of $50 million. The campaign was renewed in 2015 for an additional $155million.

After receiving positive responses from residents, company decided to renew program in 2020 for another five year period. The event took place on Wednesday, 26th January 2022.

We did not find any reason to suspect it of being a fraud, as it is organised by a reputed telecom company each year at the end January. Many people are wondering if Bell Lets Talk Fraud knows that this awareness program seems legitimate.

Clara Hughes (six-time Olympian cyclist) has been supporting the campaign since its inception. She acts as the initiative’s spokesperson. Celebrities also support the Nobel cause.

They appeal to people to send messages, make calls and upload videos on YouTube and TikTok, so that 5 cents can be donated to the Nobel cause.

What are People Doing?

People started commenting soon after the event’s start on 26 January 2022. People now know that Calls Talk Scam it isn’t.

Many people comment on this post and they are sharing their thoughts. For more information you may visit their Facebook Page .


Bell Let’s Talk Campaign is a campaign of the telecommunications company to raise awareness and funds for mental healthcare organizations.

The campaign was initiated in 2011 and the last event was held on 26th January 2022. Numerous celebrities support the Nobel campaign. We are hopeful that Bell LetsTalk Scam will soon be proven to be true.