Whether you want to have a fun-filled day at the beach or are planning a promotional activity to launch your newest product range, a 10×20 canopy is a must have for all occasions and events. It is perfectly sized, portable, versatile and affordable – making it the ideal recreation partner or an exclusive event companion. We’ve come up with several ways to use your 10×20 tent this year.

Take a look:

Using a canopy 10×20 for non-commercial events

  1. As a party shade.

Instant shade solutions prepare you for everything –whether it’s hosting a backyard barbeque or your kid’s first birthday party. Outdoor events can only be spoiled by inclement weather and with a shade canopy you can ensure that your guests remain comfortable.

  • As a sun protection aid during family outings.

Next time you’re celebrating the Yankees game or cheering your kid’s team at their football tournament, don’t forget to take your shade and sun protection with you. Custom pop-up canopies are easy to carry, assemble and dismantle, making them the perfect recreational zones for your sporting events or family outings.

  • As last-minute shade requirements.

Picnics, beach, camping – you name it. Anywhere you go this summer, a custom canopy tent 10×20 will ensure that you have the right shade with utmost comfort. All you need to do is remember to bring your canopy along with the other gear.

  • As the setting for the perfect wedding day.

Wedding canopies are nothing new. From yurts to Chinese pagodas, no outdoor wedding is complete without a wedding canopy. There are many ways that you can utilize your 10×20 canopy at a wedding. For instance, it can be set up as a catering zone near the main wedding tent. You can also use it as a storage area or add it to create a canopy village.

  • As a shade solution during a pool party.

Nobody wants to go to a pool party only to end up being sunburnt. A 10×20 tent can be set up along the sides to create a cool, cozy haven that offers shade as well as privacy. You can also use a 10×20 canopy to set up a catering zone to keep food and drinks away from the water.

Using a 10×20 branded canopy for commercial events

  1. As a trade show booth.

Trade shows serve just one purpose – brand promotion for both existing and new customers. Custom canopy tents allow your brand to be highlighted and showcased to all attendees and exhibitors. With their vibrantly printed roofs, it’s quite easy to get the attention of prospects. A 10×20 branded canopy practically serves as a brand ambassador for your business, helping you stand out among a sea of people.

  • As a venue for grand openings.

A printed 10×20 canopy is a godsend for your grand opening day. First impressions are everything, especially when the investors, industry competition and the public are all eyes on you.If you get your branding right, there is little else that you need to do for a successful promotional campaign.

  • As canopies for restaurants and hotels.

Nearly all food businesses have realized the importance of having a custom canopy for their dining area in the wake of the pandemic. A canopy 10×20 tent installed on the entrance of your bar, café, restaurant or hotel serves a dual purpose. First, it ups the ante of the entrance by giving it a grand appearance and second, a well-crafted, high-quality canopy acts as the signature of your restaurant, building the very essence of your business.

  • As venues for business conventions.

Business conventions are highly cutthroat, a far cry from the family-friendly tradeshows. They are a formal meeting of delegates and a 10×20 canopy plays an important role in showing those delegates why your business is worth taking forward. You can leverage the exposure these conventions offer to establish your brand as the ‘go to business’ and stand out from competition.

  • As the setup venues for seasonal businesses.

Lemonade stands, bake sales, car washes or tag sales in your community may be rewarding, but are extremely uncomfortable if there is a blazing sun over your head. While you wait for potential customers or your neighbors to stop by, keep your cool under a 10×20 canopy.

Not just for commercial events, a 10×20 branded canopy is also the right choice for corporate events. You can plan your company’s annual retreat or organize a networking session for client and senior management with a 10×20 canopy as the backdrop. This canopy is also a great size for the charitable corporate events or the CSR activities carried out by your company.

To summarize…

There is no competition when you set up a 10×20 branded canopy for your outdoor event. They are versatile, easy to carry and set up and offer multiple customization options – you’re only limited by your imagination. So, the next time you require a 10×20 canopy for your outdoor event, make sure to check out the 10×20 branded canopy range from Extreme Canopy!


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