As a beginner Star Wars player, it’s essential to know that before running off across the galaxy in the game, its fallen order section is under the influence of other games and other features complex for a beginner to comprehend and master. Because of this complexity, maximize the use of specific game mechanics to save time and increase your odds of winning. An expert’s guideline for beginners helps you avoid common mistakes risking your chances of winning and mastering the game. And, before getting into the depths of beginner tips and tricks, see the Star Wars Legion core set here.

How To Start and Master the Game as a Beginner

Regardless of your purposes for playing Star Wars, some of the tricks to perfectly master the game include:

Using Meditation Areas Correctly

Meditation points of the game help you boost your troop’s morale, stamina, and overall fighting prowess. They also significantly reduce the enemies’ combat effectiveness since when you’re using your meditation areas properly, you quickly erode your enemy’s fighting will. Standing on meditation points also helps you create a playing checkpoint.  The checkpoint enables you to establish fighting strategies and skills. It also offers you a chance to study your enemy moves and rest to replenish your equipment and energy.

Use the Block Button, Unlike Masterful Players

While blocking is mostly for unskilled players, don’t be afraid to use it, especially as a beginner, despite what others think. Blocking saves you from higher-level enemies, including Sith and others. Deflect shots by blocking and using your lightsaber to save your life; also, ensure you press the block button before hitting a long-range blast.  Blocking sends shots back to enemies, and because fired-back shots are powerful, you’ll easily defeat your opponents, considering such shots always deliver substantial damage to them.

Scan Everything Before Starting a Battle

You’ll get prompt options to scan various items once you start the game and explore the alien landscapes and temples. These items include rock formations and faunas.  Scan everything to help you trounce enemies, mainly because doing so allows you to unlock powers in some of your troop fighters.

Look For and Use Red Objects When Climbing

Like when you’re playing Tomb Raider and Uncharted games, your Star Wars game setting changes and gets destroyed. As such, it’s critical to ensure you stay vigilant and quick to react when enemies attack. Red-colored points present safe, stable, and usable points for players. Using these points keeps you secure, significantly to climb and jump off.

Create a Saber

To easily predict your game’s plotline, ensure the main characters are adorned, especially customizing your lightsaber.  Create your saber to help you adjust the finishing and replacement of particular parts, especially when upgrading. Creating your saber also makes playing strategic in knowing where to start and end a battle when enemies attack.

Unlock the Galactic Legends First

After you’ve created a saber, the next thing is ensuring you’ve unlocked the galactic legends.  These legends are the most powerful characters you need to climb and increase your chances of winning the subsequent phases of the game.  You’ll want to unlock them, especially since playing while they are in their zone reduces the odds of fighting powerful enemies considering that the galactic legends lose their strength when fighting outside enemies. Therefore, to boost their stamina and ruthlessness in fighting, release them to the outside world.

Unlike other characters, unlocking the galactic legends demands your choice and selection of the most potent players among them. The best characters to unlock first include the Supreme Leader Kylo Ren, Rey, Sith the Eternal, and Jedi Master, the second emperor leader. Jedi master gains power immediately when your game charge is above 50%.  He also gains more fighting power and increases his skills with over three percent or doubles his body moving and dodging ability when an enemy crosses his sides. At the same time, if you play with the red lights helping you recognize enemies from far, the Jedi master also takes advantage of the lights. He fights enemies like Sith enemies by preventing them from counterattacking, reducing their stamina, making it easy to defeat them.

Use the Journey Guide To Find and Select Powerful Characters

As a beginner, knowing how to find and choose characters is the best technique to climb and increase your odds of winning. Therefore, instead of fighting with light modes without knowing where you’re heading, use the journey guide to help benefit every step you make. The journey guide works similar to the game’s sped-up farming; it’s an incredible option to see and select influential players, including the legendary characters, the galactic legends, and especially ones you need to unlock.

Embrace Farming up Characters and Using Them Decisively

Like the journey guide option of the game, another option to embrace is farming up. Here is where you can increase your players fighting power by doubling or tripling their stamina. When you correctly farm up, the game gives you the option of selecting and gaining shards. Shards are like stamina-increasing elements you buy to boost your players’ fighting power, creativity, and ability to counterattack enemies. By farming characters up, you can double their shards’ abilities, enabling you to use a single player to fight a group of enemies. Some of the teams of players to farm first include:

  • The Phoenix

The first team to farm up is the Phoenix to boost your odds of winning. The team consists of heroes and mighty star wars fighting legends, including Ezra Bridger and Chopper. Ezra is most powerful, especially since he has the unique experience of fighting and winning the cantina wars in the game’s history.  At the same time, Chopper is also incredibly powerful and gifted due to his experience in winning the cantina battles. He won those played with two phases of A and B. Chopper won all these phases in the game’s history, meaning he has expert knowledge of hiding, tackling, and counter-attacking enemies. Besides being powerful, the Phoenix team is also beginner-friendly considering they are easy to obtain, highly competitive, and valuable in the mid-game phases to help you climb top phases easily.

  • The First Order Team

In addition to farming up the Phoenix team, the second team to farm is the First Order. It houses powerful fighters like Kylo Ren who is an army leader with immense experience in winning and attacking ruthless enemies, and as such, farming this team-up increases your players’ stamina and counterattack abilities.