Online casinos in India are in the middle of an online casino boom. The reason for this is that they offer a much better user experience than hitherto seen. As long as you know how to separate the chaff from the wheat, playing online can be a much more full-filling casino experience. In this beginner’s Guide to Playing at Online Casino in India, we tell you how safety precautions work, what sets apart the best casinos, and how new-age casinos care more about their clients. 


When looking for games at online casinos, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the number of options available. Some websites have thousands of available games along with sportsbooks and more. What new users often don’t realise is that these games are all provided by a third party. Gaming companies create the software and then casinos buy access to it. The reason for this is, ideally, the games are set with a number of software tools that make sure that cheating is eliminated. The software also makes it difficult to apply methods such as card counting to beat the game.

These software providers are audited and checked by third parties and are licensed as well. Any unlicensed game provider has no authority looking over their shoulders to make sure that the games are fair. They can create games that always ensure that the house wins. However, licensed and registered providers have to prove that their software is foolproof before it goes into the market. 

Thus, when looking for a good online casino, look up the providers they generally use. A good online casino will only offer games by well-known software providers who go through these rigorous testing practices to safeguard against fraud and cheating. Software providers like Playtech, NetEnt, and Microgaming, to name some, are famous software providers who are known in the industry for providing safe games that are a ton of fun to play. These providers are also very old in the industry, thus they have a track record of being the best. 

Fraud and internet safety

For any casino, the question of fraud safety is of the utmost importance. Online casinos generally have a lot of measures in place to protect both the interests of the casino and those of its clientele. 

For new players, the first thing to check is the security of the browser and the site. It is always better to play using good browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, etc since they can notify you if the website does not have good certificates or security issues. They will also let you know if a website seems to have suspicious pop-ups or more. 

Second, check if the website has SSL encryption and what the validity is. For this, all you have to do is click on the padlock icon on the left corner of the title bar, and you will be able to see SSL encryption information. You can also check here to see if there are any cookies or permissions the site is using that you don’t agree with. 

The most important part of staying safe from fraud and online security issues is to check if the website is licensed and registered. They should always be registered with a particular government or gambling commission. They should have a registration number along with the company name that they are registered under. Most sites display their registration number and other licensing information at the bottom of their website. Do look up the numbers on the official government sites. Also, keep in mind that not all licenses are equal. Some countries are lax about gambling laws and checks, while some others are not. 

Last but not least, always read the terms and conditions to make sure that there aren’t any clauses that you are uncomfortable with. Moreover, these documents almost always give you a run down of the rules and the activities that will keep you safe too. 


Payments can be problematic with online casinos since each country has a different rule about payments from casinos. However, good casinos not only have multiple options available, but they are also made available within the legal parameters of those payment methods.
For example, a legitimate site will never claim to allow withdrawals through GPAY, as it is illegal to use gpay to get paid for gambling and related activities. 

A good site is also always upfront about these rules and regulations. Wherever there are withdrawal limits or terms and conditions related to payments, make sure to read through them carefully. If a site is promising things that look too good to be true without terms and conditions mentioned anywhere, steer clear. Illegitimate sites often promise a lot of free gifts without any encumbrances, but will often steal your money. They can also be linked to crime syndicates, thus putting you in the crossfire.

Legal websites also always go through a system of identity checks before allowing any withdrawals. They might seem cumbersome, but they ultimately keep both you, and the casino safe. Do not try to join up with a fake name or identity because on a legitimate site this will almost always lead to your money never being returned. You can also be blacklisted for doing so.

You can also look up review sites to have an estimate of how certain casinos are with payments. Good websites will be transparent, and clear about their payment system.

Recently a news article published on states that now you can also make payments through cryptocurrency at online casinos in India which opens the door for those who like to pay through cryptocurrency.

Play Safe and gambling addiction

Most people who do not know anything about the casino industry, do not realize the way it has grown in leaps and bounds. One of the most important things that online casinos have started doing, is giving mental health its due importance. One of the reasons that casinos have such a seedy reputation is because gambling addiction was exploited to make more money for the casino companies. Today, however, the online casino industry is tackling this problem head-on. 

Most legal online casinos will have tools such as self-exclusion and limit setting. This allows players to cut themselves out of gambling by setting limits on their activities or by asking the casino to blacklist them for a while. This ensures that the player cannot get online and start playing before they finish their mental health break. 

The industry leaders, however, go above and beyond. Many of the best casinos not only have the basic tools available, but they will also have symptoms listed, that allow self-screening for players so that they may become aware of their issues. They might also have support and therapists available to help players before their addictions overwhelm them. Other sites guide you to places where you can find the resources and support needed.  

Customer Support

The best online casinos always have a very active customer support system. As a beginner, there will be things about the system that might confuse you and you will need support for those. Most websites will have a chat option. However, the best in the industry will have their office address, e-mail ID, and telephone numbers. Multiple methods of communication help users never feel like they are not getting the help needed. As a beginner, always look up the number of communication channels available. Also to go above and beyond, look up review sites to understand if they actually do respond.