Crystals are solid materials that are composed of atoms and molecules formed in crystalline lattices. These repeating patterns create visually appealing items in a wide range of sizes and qualities. Find out how crystals can resonate with your mind and body during meditation, balance energy during a tarot reading, guide psychic readings or help you manifest outcomes on your life path.

How To Select Meaningful Crystals

Many crystals have been assigned traditional traits based on their place or mode of origin, appearance or resonant properties. Just as your day-to-day experience may align with or differ from the contents of a free daily horoscope, the meaning assigned to any given crystal might correspond to your perception or you can impart your own personal significance to a material.

Learning more about crystals can be helpful for directing meditation or manifestation. Three of the most popular crystals with general applications are amethyst, citrine and clear quartz. Amethyst is associated with calming influences and intuition, citrine is used to harness positive energy, and clear quartz is a neutral energy conductor that can amplify any intention.

How To Meditate With Crystals

Meditation offers a good opportunity to engage with crystals. Try holding a crystal in one or both of your hands as you sit and focus on your breath. Specialists recommend starting to use crystals during just one 20-minute session per week. Daily meditation practice with or without crystals can lead to more frequent or prolonged sessions.

You may want to cleanse, charge and ground crystals in preparation for meditation. Depending on the properties of a material, you may rinse a crystal in cold water, place it in a salt bath, wave it through sage smoke or expose it to resonant sounds. Charge a crystal in sunlight or moonlight outdoors or in a windowsill for at least four hours. Ground a crystal by asking your highest self and the highest beings to guide your intentions and asking the material for permission to connect with its vibrations.

How To Use Crystals for Manifestation

Crystals can also be useful for manifestation. Decide on an intention, such as an aspect of your life on which you want to focus, and select a crystal that represents this aim or purpose. It is helpful to be as specific as possible about what you would like to achieve, the time frame for manifestation and why an intention matters.

Regular meditation with crystals or keeping one or more cleansed, charged and grounded crystals in your home or work environment can support manifestation. Each crystal can remind you of your intentions. Keep in mind that the power crystals evokes does not originate from the materials, but takes shape based on your experience of the world.

Crystals can be useful for enhancing focus during meditation and strengthening intentions. Selecting the right crystals to manifest certain outcomes could result from careful consideration or a more intuitive method. No matter which materials you choose, it is important to cleanse, ground and charge crystals to channel energy and resonate with your mind and body during meditation and manifestation.