A lot of people hear about CrossFit and think this is just for people who are athletic already looking for the next challenge. But the truth is while it is that for some people, it is more than that, and you do not have to be super fit before you start. Look for the best Perth CrossFit gym and you will see a great mix of people with different levels of strength and fitness and different goals. The talk might be confusing at first there is admittedly some specific lingo to adjust to, but the people encourage each other and trainers can adapt the workouts for anyone who wants to come in and try.


The main talk often centres around what the WOD is, or the Workout of the Day. This is because every day there is a different workout for members to do and every person regardless of experience does that workout. But there are differences to make it less challenging if you are new, or more challenging if you are an elite athlete. The reason why CrossFit is so great and worth looking into is that there are more trainers so you can get more attention and every exercise is adjustable. Either in how it is done, what the weight level is, or how many you have to do. As you build up your strength, fitness and skill then things like speed, reduced rest, more weight come into play.

Here are some typical exercises from a CrossFit workout that you can practice and can be adjusted when you choose the best Perth CrossFit gym.

  1. Crunches – Your crunches can be in any form they all work the same area pretty much so choose one or two types and have a go. Maybe you can only do one or two right now but that will change with work. Planks are another great core exercise you can do in your home. 
  2. Squats – Again any type of squat is great. Just start out not using weights and focus on the squat and the muscles you need to perform them. Pay attention to your form. There are a lot of variations on squats in CrossFit.
  3. Push-ups – Start out with whatever kind of push-up you can manage and then see if you can move on to the regular. If you are a bit further along in fitness try working on the clapping push-up. It is faster and you clap your hands in between each push, so it is harder too. It is normal as you learn this to miss some of the claps and fall so expect it! 
  4. Shoulder presses – If you have dumbbells or a barbell at home you can start practicing these, building up some strength for the gym.


It also helps to work on your cardiovascular fitness in preparation for CrossFit, something at high intensity as this is also a part of what CrossFit offers. Find thebest Perth CrossFit gym and see what they have to offer!