Christmastime has just become Miller Time, thanks to Miller Lite.

Miller Lite’s makers are enjoying the festive spirit this holiday season with the introduction of Beernaments drinks-friendly ornaments that are sure to bring joy to any drinker’s Christmas tree.

Beernaments make any tree sparkle with their winter white color, circular shape, along with the Miller Lite logo. They are packaged in sets that contain six pieces, palm-sized ball are snazzy around 8 oz. cans of your favorite quality Pilsner.

Once you’ve had a taste the Miller’s Beernaments can be put on Christmas trees by using the tab on the can (and hook for an ornament hook).

The sale is now open at, the limited edition of the beer is priced at $19.75.

There’s only one downside: Beer cans are sold in separate packages.

To start the Beernaments campaign, Miller Lite partnered with comedian and actor Jimmy O. Yang to describe the magic of Christmas behind the festive drinkable décor.

“It’s difficult to locate the right tree, but the ideal ornament? I’ve got you covered,” the Silicon Valley stated in commercial for the product. It was posted to his Instagram account on Tuesday.

He then joked about the fact that ornaments are more than “holiday decorations that you drink.”

“You take them out then drink them, then hang them up with your buddies,” Yang said, hanging one Beernament in front of another. “Isn’t it wonderful to be able to gather with your buddies on the tree?”

“My tree is more beautiful than yours since it’s got beers on it,”” he said. “Beautiful.”