There is an abundance of beer distilleries worldwide that have their unique, flavourful take on one of the most popular alcoholic beverages of all time. 

If you are an avid fan of beer, there are many different brands out there with distinct tastes like no other. In today’s article, we’ll introduce you to some standout beers from around the world!

Innis And Gunn – Scotland

When you think of Scotland, you’ll most likely think of Whiskey, not beer. However, the Innis and Gunn brewery, founded and based in Edinburgh, will surprise you with their craft beers.

Founded by Master Brewer Dougal Gunn Sharp and brewed by another famous Scottish beer brand, Tennent’s – Innis and Gunn have taken the beer industry by storm in the UK.

With a 4.6% ABV and boasting a sweet caramel, pear, honey and Whiskey finish, it has a flavour profile that lingers in all the good ways!

Schneider Weiss – Germany

We couldn’t write an article on world beer without mentioning Germany – Bavaria in particular. Reaching your lips from one of the oldest brewing traditions in the world, this Bavarian beer by the Weiss family boasts a heritage stretching back to 1872.

With an ABV of 5.4%, Schneider Weiss has a taste profile of nutmeg, clove, and apple. This gives the beer it’s signature sour finish that its aficionados have come to adore.

DuClaw Retribution – United States (Maryland)

Taking a trip across the pond to the United States, and we feel obligated to mention DuClaw Retribution. Crafted by the DuClaw Brewing Company in Baltimore, this powerful beer is as strong as it is tasty.

Sitting at around 11.5% ABV, this beer is aged for a minimum of 6 months in bourbon barrels, giving it a unique aroma. Its palette is a chocolatey, malty espresso style finished with vanilla and caramelised sugar. 

Pumking – United States (New York)

Straying into a more eccentric territory, we have the Pumking beer from Southern Tier Brewing Company, based out of Lakewood, New York. If you enjoy the taste of Pumpkin, then this beer is for you!

Coming in at around 8.6% ABV, this imperial ale is balanced to keep the taste refreshing but not overpowering – accomplished by the blend of spices used in the brewing process. The only downside is that it is available in the autumn, so keep your eyes peeled for a bottle.

Pacifico – Mexico

Continuing south of the United States, we’ll reach the port city of Mazatlan, which sits on Mexico’s Pacific coast. This beer resembles a pilsner and is loved for its rich taste and enticing aroma. This beer is primarily characterised by a slight bitterness that keeps it light and refreshing. 

Its taste profile is crisp with a subtle grassy undertone. It comes in with around 4.4% ABV.

Quilmes – Argentina

Quilmes, otherwise branded as a Patagonian Cool beer, lives up to its name with a refreshing, sharp taste that would make any Patagonian proud. With an ABV of around 4.9% – this beer is as unique as the region in which its brewed.

Its flavour profile is described as having notes of grain and straw – with an earthy and grassy undertone.

Double Tempest – Canada

Another great candidate for those who love dark beers is the Amsterdam Brewing Company; Double Tempest. It isn’t only a great-tasting beer – it’s an award winner!

With an ABV of around 11.9%, this beer is described as having an intense and wonderfully rich tone that comes from dried cherry, cocoa powder, and bourbon, with a hint of toffee.

Chimay Blue – Belgium

What beer list would be complete without at least one Belgian beer making the cut? Chimay Blue is a dark ale brewed in the Chimay Brewery that boasts a velvety head paired with a smooth texture and deep brown colour. 

With 9% ABV, it might look tame, but it can pack a punch while staying fruit infused with a distinctive peppery undertone – an unusual combination that works surprisingly well. That isn’t mentioning the slight hints of caramel and chocolate that complete its flavour profile.

Pilsner Urquell – Czech Republic

Hailing from the Pilsner Urquell Brewery, Pilsner Urquell manages to set the gold standard for what a Pilsner should be with its 4.4% ABV. Adhering to the original recipe produced in the Czech town of Pilsen since the 19th century, this beer is a must for anyone wanting a good pint.

Sapporo – Japan

One of the oldest beers in Japan, Sapporo, has been brewed since 1876 and has been a staple of the Japanese beer scene. Described as dry and sharp, it is renowned for being light and easy to match with just about any food.

With an ABV of 4.9%, this hoppy, sweet beer is one of Japan’s best that you must try.