Do you need employment experience and want to become a part of Australian industries? Here is the complete information you need. Let’s discuss the TRA Job Ready Program along with its four stepsto guide you how you can make your way to Australia.

Trade Recognition Australia (TRA)?

Trade Recognition Australia (TRA) is a skills assessment service for people who’ve learned trade skills from abroad or any Australian education provider. These trade skills are required to complete the skills assessment to migrate to Australia. If you want to apply for the Job Ready Program in Australia you can book your consultation with our registered migration agents in Australia.

Trade Recognition Australia (TRA) offers the following different skills assessment programs for international students and people who want to migrate to Australia.

  • Job Ready Program
  • TSS Skills Assessment Program
  • Offshore Skills Assessment Program
  • Migration Skills Assessment
  • Migration Points Advice
  • Trade Recognition Service

What is TRA Job Ready Program?

TRA offers the Job Ready Program to international graduates or who have completed their studies from Australian institute. The Job Ready Program (JRP) helps international students to polish their skills and gain professional experience to work in Australian firms. International students can enroll for TRA Job Ready Program before they apply for the Skilled Migration Visa from the Department of Home Affairs.

The skills assessment service significantly determines that whether you have the required talent, abilities and experience to work in Australian firms.

Phases of Job Ready Program 

The Job Ready Program (JRP) consists of four steps. All applicants are supposed to complete each step before jumping on to the next step.

  1. Provisional Skills Assessment 

It’s the primary step of the Job Ready Program (JRP) which aims to verify the qualification and employment history of applicant in Australia. The Provisional Skills Assessment (PSA) confirms that whether you have got an Australian qualification, employment history or any prior work experience in Australian firms.

Eligibility Criteria for PSA

You can apply for the Provisional Skills Assessment (PSA) if you meet its eligibility requirements, which includes the following conditions.

  • A mandatory requirement is to complete 360 working hours or the completion of a training program. You can find your vocational placement which is relevant to your educational and professional goals. Applicants must have completed their vocational placement in any Australian company within three years of their application to the Job Ready Program (JRP).
  • As an international student, you must hold a primary visa to study in Australia.
  • You must have a qualification relevant to your selected occupation which is officially granted by the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).
  • You’re required to pay $300 to apply for the Provisional Skills Assessment (PSA).
  • Job Ready Employment

International students can enroll in the Job Ready Employment (JRE) to gain more experience and develop their skills to work in Australian organizations. JRE determines to improve the skills of students which are relevant to their selected occupation in Australia. Students are required to look for employment that is officially approved by the Trade Recognition Australia (TRA).

Eligibility for JRE 

After meeting the eligibility criteria for JRE, applicants can go on to the next step of the Job Ready Program.

  • Students can apply for the Job Ready Employment (JRE) if they’ve successfully completed the Provisional Skills Assessment (PSA).
  • Applicants must have applied or should hold a visa from the Department of Home Affair to work freely in Australia. Likewise, this visa should have a stay period of at least 12 months so that applicants can complete the step 2 to 4 of the Job Ready Program (JRP).
  • All applicants must be employed in their nominated occupation which has been assessed in the (PSA).
  • Applicants are required to complete 1725 hours of employment within 12 months right after the commencement of JRE in Australia.
  • Job Ready Workplace Assessment

The Job Ready Workplace Assessment (JRWA) determines whether you are fully prepared to work in an Australian workplace at a level appropriate to your occupation. An advisor from the Registered Training Organization (RTO) approved by the Trade Recognition Australia (TRA) will assess all applications.

They will conduct JRWA and examine the activities that the applicant is supposed to perform during their employment as documented in Skills Progress Reports (SPRs) and Employment Verification Reports (EVRs). Applicant will receive an email if TRA approves their JRWA application.

JRWA Eligibility Requirements 

Following are the eligibility requirements for the Job Ready Workplace Assessment (JRWA).

  • You must provide documents to prove that you’re going to perform all tasks for your selected occupation such as your SRP, EVR or any other documents.
  • You’re required to show evidence of your paid employment for a minimum of 863 hours during the initial six months after your JRE start date.
  • You must have a signed EVR from your employer to confirm that they allow for the assessment which is being done at your workplace.
  • Once your JRWA application gets approved from (TRA) your details will be transferred to TRA-approved RTO. These details may include a copy of your qualifications in Australia, a copy of your passport, your SPRs, EVRs and other contact details of you and your employer.
  • Job Ready Final Assessment

The Job Ready Final Assessment (JRFA) is the final step of the Job Ready Program (JRP) and is designed to officially acknowledge your achievement of JRP. JRFA provides the skills assessment outcome to the eligible applicants. Applicants can use the JRFA skills assessment to support their application for a Skilled Migration Visa to the Department of Home Affairs.

Eligibility for JRFA

To be qualified for the fourth and final step of the Job Ready Program (JRP), make sure that:

  • You must have got a successful result outcome of the Job Ready Workplace Assessment (JRWA).
  • You must have completed the employment requirements of the Job Ready Employment (JRE). Moreover, you’re required to provide evidence of employment in your occupation for a minimum of 1725 hours within 12 months from the start date of your Job Ready Program (JRP).
  • Once you successfully complete all the four steps of JRE, Trade Recognition Australia (TRA) will keep you updated about your JRE application.


Australia has always been the first and foremost choice of international students. The Trade Recognition Australia (TRA) has introduced the Job Ready Program (JRP) for people who wish to migrate to Australia. It has four steps which include Provisional Skills Assessment (PSA), Job Ready Employment (JRE), Job Ready Workplace Assessment (JRWA) and Job Ready Final Assessment (JRFA). Applicants must complete all four steps and provide sufficient evidence to successfully proceed with their JRP application. After qualifying for the JRP application process, applicants can apply for the Skilled Migration Visa in Australia through the Department of Home Affairs.