Many beauties are sometimes jealous of how cool celebrities look, despite their age and constant employment. And, of course, we understand: without the regular help of the best cosmetologists and dermatologists, they cannot do. Dermal fillers, facial massages, and other beauty treatments always accompany Hollywood stars.

But the basis of effective care is simple rules that are available to everyone. Let’s memorize them together!

Do not neglect sunscreen

Beautiful and healthy skin cannot be achieved without regular use of sunscreen: Hollywood stars apply it on the face every day. “Any other effort will be wasted if you ignore this rule. It should become your habit,” says Mama MacDonald, a cosmetologist who has worked with Madonna. “SPF-30 is the minimum factor of your protection. And try to update your protection during the day, ”advises stellar cosmetologist Dr. Lancer.

Do not overdry the skin if inflammation occurs

Most topical acne creams contain benzoperoxide, which dries the skin, increases inflammation and sebum production. Alcohol affects about the same way – so you will not get rid of acne. Dr. Lancer recommends stopping drying your skin and focusing on exfoliating with salicylic or lactic acid, as well as paying attention to clay detergents.

Never forget about the neck

Care for the neck and décolleté area is important, as this part of the body very quickly betrays the age of its owner. So says Dr. Brandt, who has worked with Halle Berry, Brooke Shields, and Gwyneth Paltrow. The skin here is thin and requires the same delicate care as the skin. Do not finish the care in the chin area, and everything will be fine.

Wipe the skin with an ice cube

Dermatologist from Santa Monica Ava Shamban advises wiping your face with an ice cube for a few seconds – so you can avoid dull skin color. The procedure perfectly stimulates blood circulation, and the skin literally begins to glow.

Properly store cosmetics and skincare products

Dr. Jaliman does not recommend storing cosmetics in the bathroom: a warm and humid environment can shorten its shelf life, and spoiled products will certainly not do any good. Therefore, face creams and cosmetics that you rarely use, it is better to store in the refrigerator.

Keep clean everything your skin comes in contact with

Dr. Lancer advises to pay special attention to hygiene: of course, in any case, do not touch the face with dirty hands. Secondly, the doctor recommends changing pillowcases more often: once a week if you have dry or normal skin, and once every three days if your skin is oily. And don’t forget to periodically clean the smartphone screen – that’s where a lot of bacteria.

Do not use facial scrubs and washcloths, especially if your skin is prone to acne

Supermodel Kendall Jenner has been battling acne for a long time until she once listened to the advice of Christie Kidd, a skincare expert from Beverly Hills. The doctor ordered to stop using scrubs and other abrasives, as well as washcloths and brushes – so the skin becomes even more inflamed. Gentle, gentle cleansing with soap-free products is what any skin type needs. And to reduce inflammation and redness, it is better to apply a paste of water and aspirin.

Facial massage will help get rid of under-eye circles

Against under-eye circles, Ole Henriksen recommends lymphatic drainage facial massage to his Hollywood clients. The procedure stimulates lymph circulation, the skin is smoothed and the bags disappear. By the way, learning to do this type of massage is not so difficult, and you can do it yourself.

Take care of the skin of your hands

The hands, like the neck, are an area that many undeservedly ignore, and in vain: the skin there is thin and tender. Try to do household chores in gloves, constantly use hand cream. Also, apply anti-aging products on the back of the palms after applying the product on the face – this is the advice of star beautician Martha Samkiran. And, of course, sun protection!

Always clean your skin thoroughly

Dermatologist Deborah Jaliman emphasizes: never go to bed without removing makeup. Failure to do so will result in clogged pores and inflammation. It’s simple, but unfortunately many ignore this advice.

Strictly follow your daily care routine and your skin will thank you.