Knitting is a fun and messy hobby that provides leisure and annoys you at the same time. The fun of knitting won’t go away, but some ways and tools will decrease the messy parts. One of the main issues that arise mostly is the tangling and fraying of yarn threads. The tools that prevent this are the yarn bowls.

Yarn bowls are like regular bowls but with advanced features that are suitable for knitting. They have a hole or opening at the side that allows a single thread to pass through. As you knit, the yarn slowly unravels, and the thread comes out without being untangled or messy.

There are many features that you need to take care of when you are buying a yarn bowl. Some of these features include the size of the bowl, its size, portability design, and so on. Mostly yarn bowls only fit in balls of thread. However, some yarn bowls have specific designs to accommodate skeins and hanks. This decreases the hassle of coiling it into a ball to use it every time. 

Size is an important factor while buying a yarn bowl. Some bowls only have space for medium or small yarns. So if you are planning on tackling a large project, knowing the size is essential.

Some designs have a stylish loophole on the side for the thread or some with a lid. Others are simple baskets with holes on the side. Some yarn bowls have high walls and thicker bases to prevent tripping and falling.

The shape is not the only feature that is different in the yarn bowls. Some bowls also have multiple holes in them. They are made for expert knitters who use more than one hanks at a time. These holes prevent tangling, and you can also know where the thread is coming from to make sense of your knitting.  

However, the most important one of these features is the material the yarn bowl is made of. Many materials, such as wood, porcelain, ceramic, plastic, etc., are used. They all are durable and have their strong and weak points that appeal to the public.

Many companies specialize in yarn bowl manufacturing. They take into consideration the requirements of the customers and design the bowls accordingly. Some of the most noteworthy ones are described below.

  1. Vesselry:

Vesselry is one of the top places in Georgia, and it is famous for its handicrafts such as cups, bowls, saucers, vases, plates, spoons, and so on. These crafts are made by the founder Nona Kelhofer and her team personally.

One of the items it excels in is making yarn bowls. Nona makes sure to keep the customer’s preferences in function and fashion into consideration. The yarn bowls have the option of coiling the thread from the sides or the front. It is also available in breathtaking colors of cream, charcoal, blush, and indigo. It is also good to know that you are not only purchasing for yourself but also for others. Since a part of the company’s profits are set aside for charity.

  1. Little Wren Pottery:

This is a shop run by Victoria, who makes all the household items such as cups, saucers, plates, vases, spoons, etc., by hand. You can buy her products from her Etsy Shop.

One of the beautiful things she makes is the yarn bowls that are carefully polished and have many designs to choose from. These designs include star cutouts, hooks, or simple holes that can unravel the thread quickly without any fraying.

The unique thing about her designs is that each piece has its characteristics. An example may be the small bird yarn bowl. It has a bulbous shape, a foot ring, and a hole for the thread.

  1. Heckathorn Turned Wood:

The Heckathorn Turned Wood is a Floridian company that handles woodwork. Their designs are top-notch and attract a lot of people.

The one thing that is troubling for many people is the size of the yarn bowl. Majorly, they accommodate only small and medium-sized yarns. However, this company’s yarn bowls solve the problem by carrying more than one bundle easily, almost up to four piles. Their size is nearly 43 inches in circumference. Their ‘jumbo-size yarn bowls’ and ‘XXL yarn bowls’ do this efficiently.

Some of the latest pieces have a removable cup placed in the center, holding knitting accessories such as hooks, notions, and needles.

  1. Twig and Horn:

This company is based on making knitting and crocheting accessories. The company is located in Portland, Maine.

The artists at Campfire Studio make the yarn bowls carefully with their own hands. They have high walls that prevent the yarn from falling. Some of them have a beautiful design of a white speckled surface and a traditional J-groove. They are made with great care and love, and no two made in the workshop are alike.

  1. Melware Ceramics:

Melware Ceramics is located in America and is solely based on making yarns and yarn bowls.

This company has considered the customer’s issues of mobility. Mostly the yarn bowls made of ceramics are heavy and are more prone to breakage. So you can’t carry them anywhere easily. The creator Melanie Evans solved this issue by tying the yarn bowl with leather straps on both sides.

There are also two designs to choose from, the traditional circular one and the oblong one, which is ideal for storing hanks.

  1. Dave Yocom’s Wood Bowl Creations:

It is another yarn shop located in the United States run by a woodworker named David Yocom. He got interested in making yarn bowls after spinning yarn and knitting. Because of his interest, his designs are irreplaceable. One of the most popular ones is the one with a lid that can hold the yarn better. The yarn bowls are made of different kinds of wood, such as black walnut, maple, and mahogany.

This concludes our list of shops that make the best yarn bowls in the market. So, next time you are out looking for a good yarn bowl, hopefully, you will take a look at these fabulous shops too.