It’s time you spruced up this vital room in your home! Does your living room look bland, scuffed, and uninspiring? Perhaps you need some new decor or interest to lean in on your photo wall.

Whether you have a lot of interests or very little, one photography wall decor can bring your entire room together. But how do you pick the right photos for your living room wall decor ideas? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to help!

Read below for some photography ideas to make your living room (and heart) sing.

Black and White Theme

Having a collection of beautiful photographs makes your living room wall decor instantly impactful and captivating. Adding black and white photographic prints to the walls is one way to tie a living room together and provide artwork that genuinely stands out. Framed or unframed, black and white photographs bring a unique, eye-catching, calming look.

You can also hang photos of different sizes for a more eclectic style. Adding a few accessories, such as a rug and modern furniture to break up the monochrome wall decor, helps create a contemporary living space.

Colorful Mosaic Wall

It is possible to create stunning, modern decorations for any living space. It starts with a wall of colorful mosaic tiles, adds custom mosaics in the same or varied colors, or tries an artsy, abstract design. These vibrant, eye-catching walls complement the room’s decor by adding a unique, statement-making piece.

With colorful mosaic tiles, photos, and other decorations, you can create a unique atmosphere that will give your living room an amazing, beautiful effect.

You can add frames and hang photographs to liven up the wall and create a personalized gallery. Add furniture, art, and other decorative items to complete the look.

Accent Wall

An accent wall is a large decorative wall in the room that stands out from the rest of the walls and can be decorated with a photograph to add a unique touch. One idea is to use large, high-quality photos of nature as the basis of the accent wall. For example, pictures of mountains, forests, or beaches can be framed to create an eye-catching and calming feature in the living room.

Smaller photos can be added and grouped to enhance the wall’s dynamic quality. Objects and frames in different shapes and sizes can also create a visually exciting accent wall for the living room. With the thoughtful selection, the accent wall and its photographs can help to enhance the space and create an atmosphere of relaxation and beauty.

Install Shelving

Shelving comes in various styles, materials, and sizes—allowing you to customize the look and feel of your living room space. Whether traditional, vintage, or modern look, you can easily accessorize with photographs that complement your existing decor.

Use tangible magazines and photo books of your favorite landmarks and scenes, and display them on the shelf. If you’d like to create a more sophisticated look, use frames to display your favorite photographs.  If you consider more living room decor, see this photo gallery.

Make the Most of Your Living Room Wall Decor

Living room wall decor need not be overwhelming! Photos can add a personal touch to any wall, and with the right accessories, they can pop. Start searching for the perfect wall decor today to fill your room with your personality!

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