Roblox’s slogan from the United States is “Imaginative”, and they have actually been doing it since their inception in 2004. Online platforms allow users to create, program and play games created by the user or other users.

Unfortunately, everything costs money and they need to earn some money to keep their business. Beast Buxhas has launched a website where you can buy Robux for free.

This free program raises suspicions and today this article; we will help you understand whether it is legal or a scam.

What is Robux?

Simply put, it’s a gaming currency that you can use across the entire Roblox platform. You can also use them to buy limited products, cosmetic products for your character, premium assets for your player, and even buy microtransactions in Roblox.

Higher status in the game would require more Robux wealth.

This is the power of Robux, and Beast Bux offers it all for free. It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? Let’s understand it further.

Why is Roblox the perfect place for hackers?

Anyone can set up an account with Roblox without even requiring an email ID first. Not only can they sign up for a free account, they can even upload their own game. The games and their algorithm may contain a virus as their identifier remains anonymous to users.

Roblox is generally used and played by young children who could easily become trapped. Although it may not be able to access the parent’s card, but the parent’s banking information is still on the device.

What does Beast Bux offer?

They offer four types of Robux which generally cost the following:

• 400 Robux – $ 4.99

• 800 Robux – $ 9.99

• 1700 Robux – $ 19.99

• 4,500 Robux – $ 49.99

• 10,000 Robux – $ 99.99

The site offers all of this for free in exchange for a username and some verifications.

Other ways to get Robux

There are two official ways to buy Robux:

1. Buy from the official Roblox website – click the R $ icon in the upper right corner and select the number of Robux you want to buy. The price ranges from 4.95-195.95 US dollars. The higher the amount, the more profitable.

2. Sign up for a Roblox builder club membership – this allows you to make monthly payments and receive a certain amount of Robux and other benefits every day.

Final verdict

The Beast’s credibility is very low and cannot be trusted at all when it comes to your personal information. Also, considering the content and possibilities available on Roblox for $ 6-20 will not be a burden on parents’ pockets.

Legal ways increase your ability to join more groups, avoid advertising, and access to buy, sell, and trade with other players.

Moreover, once you start trading Builders Club members, it opens up a third legal way to earn more Robux.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that users do not use sites like Beast Bux to buy Robux.