The internet has made it easy for people all over the world to be tech-savvy and familiarize themselves with online shopping. Individuals from the United States search for trusted online shopping portals that offer useful products and are easy to use. has a large selection of products. Many buyers are interested in learning more about this online portal. Please read the reviews below to learn more about Scam.

Does Beachmine com have a real address or is it a scam?

An online portal should not be trusted with customers who do not know the origin of the product. Beachmine com believes that everyone should be able to comprehend the following.

  • Domain age- This domain was registered on the 27th of July 2021. This website is only 23 days old.
  • The website has a trust score of 60%.
  • ranks 47,985,546 in Alexa
  • The trust score ranking stands at 58.7%
  • Buyers can access the phone number and email address. The portal does not have an official address.
  • This website does not have a social media link. To check Beachmine com reviews
  • The pages for Shipping and Privacy policies are not listed on the website.
  • You will find a separate page for the refund and return policy.
  • Portal does not provide details about the owner.
  • It is not possible to find duplicate content.
  • Online reviews from customers are not authentic.

These are not enough to prove that the website is legitimate. We are skeptical of the authenticity of this website because it is still very young.

What is

Beachmine is a brand new portal that sells a variety of golf sticks and aluminum patio gazebos.

Customers are curious to find out if Scamor an authentic portal. For the company’s guarantee of great customer service, they have assured that they will provide it.

The company strives to provide useful and creative products at a fair price.


  • Website url-
  • Domain created on 27-07-2021
  • Email id – [email protected]
  • Contact phone number: buyers can reach us at 800-2345-66789
  • Company address – The website does NOT maintain any local addresses.
  • Payment options – The Company accepts MasterCard, VISA or DISCOVER payments.
  • Social media link – The company doesn’t have any social media handles to verify whether Beachmine com is a scam or not.
  • Shipping policy- The shipping policy is not detailed on this page. Buyers are advised to consult the FAQs as the company may mention that it can take 5-10 business days for goods to be shipped.
  • International shipping time – It takes 20 business day for international shipping.
  • Return policy: Buyers may return their goods within 30 calendar days of the date they were purchased.
  • These items are non-returnable. Gift cards, downloaded programs and personal care items are excluded.
  • Refund Policy- Company will only accept returns of goods.
  • Exchange policy: Company will accept exchanges for damaged or defective goods.

Benefits as per Beachmine com Review

  • On the portal, buyers can find product details and specifications.
  • We found that the website was SSL secured based on the reviews.
  • The company guarantees security when you pay online
  • Customers can feel confident shopping with high-end, unique products.

Limitations at

  • The website is new to the market.
  • We can’t find genuine reviews from customers online.
  • The company does not have any social media links
  • It is not possible to maintain all pages on the website.

Comments on is Scam? or Not

Before purchasing products from a new company, online buyers will always check out the feedback of past buyers.

Beachmine is a relatively new company and does not appear on social media. Therefore, buyers can’t get real reviews on the Greenhouse or website that the company offers.

We have looked through several other portals and didn’t find any relevant comments from buyers. Therefore, we are unable to give any verdicts on the company’s legitimacy. We will ask buyers to review the steps to get your money back from Paypal in the event that they were scammed.

Final verdict

We hope readers, as they read the reviews about is Beachmine com Scam or Not, realize that it is essential to conduct more research before purchasing products on the new site.

Would you like to purchase a Beachmine product? Let us know.