Believe it or not, summer 2022 is right around the corner and nobody even saw it coming. There’s nothing quite like a new season to refresh your life: decluttering your home, setting new goals, and of course, spicing up your wardrobe. This summer, it’s time to be bold, and authentic and style the season in your own way, while still staying on-trend. 

If you’re looking to elevate your style this summer, here are a few helpful tips to take a look at. 

Invest in Staples

First of all, you need to beware of trendy pieces this season. Summertime is when the fast fashion companies dig their claws into unsuspecting consumers with eye-catching patterns, trendy tones and interesting cuts of shirts and stresses that you’ve never seen before. 

Before falling victim to these items (that will surely fall out of favour in just a few months) make sure to stock up and invest in high-quality essentials. Comfy denims, basic T-shirts and button-ups, a reliable pair of sandals, a few timeless summer dresses… These are the items that you can use as the foundation of your wardrobe before adding on the cheaper, trendier items that you’ll probably be donating next season. 

Pick a Personal Identifier

We all have that “something” that’s unique to us and our style. What are we talking about? Your “personal identifier”. Like bold, red eyeglass frames or the cat-eye liner look your friends all know you for. The T-shirt and jeans combo you’ve always loved. Your style that combines feminine with a little bit of grunge. 

Whether your “thing” is a particular accessory you always wear, a hairstyle, a makeup look, a clothing item or just your general style, figure out what it is and own it. When you really invest in that part of yourself, it can become a key point of your personal style and something you love about yourself. 

Choose Light Fabrics

It’s always a good idea to opt for light, breathable fabrics on those unbearably hot summer days. With the warmer weather approaching, it’s time to invest in something other than skin-tight leggings and heavy denims.

Try out linen trousers and shorts, cotton shirts and dresses, silk blouses and similarly light, flowy and breathable clothing items this season. They’ll give you a fresh and cool look, and also help you manage the stifling heat by allowing air circulation instead of trapping you inside your own sweaty outfit, gross. 

Try the Natural Look

If you’re a fan of the hippie, boho style, summer is the best possible time to experiment with a few pieces that align with this. This style is mostly comprised of light, thin clothing, soft, patterned materials, and a whole lot of natural fabrics.

This style is not super put-together and typically combines neutral ones with some patterns and colours here and there, but with a very relaxed feeling. This style is great for someone looking to feel a little more carefree this summer, and the natural materials in your clothing will make this a more sustainable, eco-friendly option too. 

Accessorise Boldly

If you’re the simple type when it comes to fashion and you’re reluctant to experiment with your clothing, you can achieve the same effect with a lot less commitment if you use your ankle bracelets and other accessories wisely

Accessories are a great way to keep up with the trends without breaking the bank and wasting tonnes of money, because they’re usually smaller and more affordable items yet they can still make a large impact and go a long way toward changing up your style. Consider some new and different ways to accessorise to spice up your look. 

Dress For Comfort

In any season, remember to prioritise your comfort about style – looking fabulous isn’t worth walking around in pain because your heels are too high, or suffocating from the heat because of your skin-tight outfit.

Prioritise light colours that won’t leave you feeling heat-trapped, breathable fabrics that give you room to move around freely and comfortably and don’t be afraid to show some skin when the heat gets too much. 

Splurge on Footwear

If there’s an area of your wardrobe you don’t want to skimp on, it’s your footwear. Shoes can outlast trends (if you shop wisely) and nobody wants to walk around with aching heels and squished toes because their shoes are poorly made or just don’t fit right.

Invest in a few high-quality, stylish and comfortable sandals and sneakers for the summertime, and you can be sure they’ll last you for summers to come.