Online games are prone to errors and most of the time they are on the gaming side. Gamers all over the world get frustrated when they come across such bugs as there is no way they can fix them or is there a way?

If you want to find a possible way to correct the error, please read this article to the end, as we will discuss the highlights of how players can try to correct the error.

We will also find out why Star Wars fans faced error 721 and what led to it.

Let’s learn more!

What is Battlefront Error 721?

Star Wars Battlefront is a video game that will be available for public use in 2017, and the Star Wars fanbase loves the game.

Star Wars is one of the highest rated movie series and they have a sizable fan base around the world. There are nine movies released since 1977, in addition to movies, there are comics, TV series, and theme parks, based on the movie.

Even that was not enough, so the creators released a video game to get a better experience and a true space adventure.

Now let us know more about the bug!

When does Battlefront error 721 occur?

The error occurs when the game servers crash and the player cannot do much, as the error is from the end of the game. The player can only wait, but now we have found a few tricks that the player can try, which we will talk about later.

Now let’s analyze what caused the error.

The game was available in the Epic Games Store for free; this led to a lot of new players joining in the fun, causing the servers to crash. The capacity was far more than the game servers could handle.

The number of new players was reportedly three times as many as real players, causing the server to crash.

How to correct the error?

Battlefront Error 721 is late game, but players can try their luck with the following tricks;

• First of all, check if your Internet connection is working and if your game source is connected to the Internet.

• Also, check if EA’s servers are working, this can be done on the Internet.

• Restart your device, be it a PC or a console.

• Also, don’t forget to restart your router simultaneously as well.

• Change your default DNS to some other code.

• Finally, you can try reinstalling the game again.


The above are some of the measures players can try to correct Battlefront error 721; They are not guaranteed to correct the error, but can be tested. Or the player can wait for the game to correct the errors.

Readers are kindly requested to give their opinion on the error. And also, if readers are aware of any other tricks, please do say so in the comment section below!