Hello, basketball lovers and welcome to casinosforcanada.com. We have compiled a list of tips and strategies that beginners and even experienced players can use to increase their chances of winning in basketball betting. Our team has only reviewed online casinos that are completely safe and legal in Canada. 


Basketball betting has some great benefits, which include:

  1. Entertainment Value: Basketball betting makes the game more exciting as you get to support and cheer on your favourite team. However, never let your emotions take over and determine how you bet. 
  1. A chance to make money: Another benefit of basketball betting is that players have an opportunity to make some money. It does not really matter how much money you stake; the most important thing is that at the end of the game, you make a profit. With patience and persistence, players can also train to become professional basketball bettors. If a player is lucky and hones their wagering skills, they can make a consistent living as a basketball bettor.
  1. Convenience: Online basketball betting is extremely easy and convenient; from the comfort of their homes, on a tablet, smartphone, or computer connected to the internet, players can access lots of Canadian sportsbooks that offer the best basketball betting. This saves time and eliminates the stress of attending land-based locations.
  1. Wide Range of Bets: Basketball betting offers Canadian players a wide range of betting options, ranging from moneyline bets to parlays and player stats.
  1. Cheap Fun & Extra Money: Basketball betting is much less expensive than other sports activities such as golf and bowling. When players wager or stake on a game/match, they get to support their favourite team, cheering them on and being a part of the fun, either physically or live online. Also, depending on the odds that are given, players can double their stake if they win their wager, and make a profit.


A number of different factors can influence the outcome of a basketball game or tournament. Below are a few tips that can help players place successful bets:

  1. Follow the four factors:

We believe that carefully studying the following factors–shooting, rebounds, free throws and turnovers–can help players to construct a trusted betting model. Although this takes time and commitment, it should result in more precise predictions.

  1. Check the schedule:

Canadian players should keep an eye out for basketball teams slated to play back to back games. Constant back to back games usually affect players’ stats and performance in the upcoming games, as they are fatigued and not well rested. This can also make them more prone to injuries. For a fatigued team, winning a game is less likely. However, if the team is well rested and on a winning streak, they can push themselves to win as they are in good physical shape. This makes them more likely to win their next game. 

If a team is on a losing streak, the team’s chances of winning are less as the players will have to put forth tremendous effort in an attempt to score a win; so staking on them could be quite risky.

  1. Don’t bet with your heart:

We know that everyone has their favourite team, but when it comes to basketball betting, we urge Canadian players to bet with their head and not their heart. We advise them to make informed betting decisions solely on the research they have conducted on different teams.

  1. Shop around for the best odds:

Scouting for bet lines is the process of checking different sportsbooks for the best odds and therefore, the most profit. We advise Canadian players to choose sites with the best odds from our list of the best basketball betting sites that we have compiled.

  1. Be mindful of injuries or new additions:

It is very important that bettors keep track of players’ injuries; if a basketball team does not have its star players in the lineup due to injuries, this may affect the outcome of the game. Looking out for new additions to the team is also key, as a new player might improve the outcome of a game as well.

  1. Know your numbers and limit:

The most important rule of basketball betting is managing your bankroll and knowing your limit. The NBA has a long season, with lots of games to be played, so we advise Canadian players not to bet on every single game. Instead, they should create a budget and only bet on the key games that they are interested in.


1. If a game is not played on the scheduled date, all bets will be void.

2. Professional basketball games are official (successfully played and ended) after 43 minutes of play.

3. College basketball games are official (successfully played and ended) after 35 minutes of play.

4. Quarter Betting (1Q, 2Q, 3Q & 4Q): The quarter must be completed entirely for bets to have action. Overtime is not included.

5. The first half of a basketball game must be completed entirely for first half (1H) wagers to have action.

6. Overtime counts for all markets except those that are quarter and first half specific. All other in-play markets include overtime.

7. Markets for: Total Points, Rebounds, Assists, Blocks, and Free Throws will be settled based on the performance of the named player. Push rules apply.

8. Winning margin: Predicting the winning team and the margin of victory.

9. European / International basketball: Bets will be settled according to the official result as declared by the respective basketball governing body at the end of the game, including any period(s) of overtime played.

10. Mythical Match: An imaginary game that involves two teams who will not be playing against each other. The result of this game will be decided by the number of points scored by the teams involved in their actual fixtures on the same calendar day.

11. If both teams score the same number of points, the ‘draw’ option is the winner.

12. If a game is postponed, regular postponed game rules apply.

13. If a game is abandoned, regular abandoned game rules apply.

14. If a game does not end in a tie, and overtime is played for qualification purposes, all markets will be settled according to the result at the end of regulation time. 


Our team has thoroughly searched the internet and compiled a list of the best safe, legal basketball betting sites that Canadian players can enjoy. Our top picks include:

1. Campobet Casino

2. Spin Casino 

3. Royal Vegas Casino 

4. LVBet

5. ReloadBet

6. Betway Casino

7. WallaceBet Casino

8. Betsafe

9. Webbyslot

10. GunsBet


Many basketball tournaments take place on a daily, monthly and yearly basis, ranging from the highest professional leagues to the lower junior leagues. Hosted all over the world, these tournaments and events are carried by the best basketball betting sites, and see a lot of betting action. The great news is that Canadian players can bet on these tournaments and events from the following leagues:

  • NBA (National Basketball Association): 

Made up of 30 teams that play 82 games per season, the NBA is North American and the highest-ranking basketball league, with some of the world’s top players that earn millions of dollars per year. Canadian players can follow and bet on the fortunes of NBA teams on the best basketball betting sites. Player stats of favourites such as Lebron James and many others are available for wagering also. The NBA provides thrilling action in finals, play-offs, Eastern/Western Conferences and an All-Star Weekend.

  • NCAA (College Basketball): 

The highly competitive NCAA tournaments are open for Canadians to bet on. College basketball is played to a highly competitive standard. One of the largest basketball leagues in the world, the NCAA consists of hundreds of teams, and presents a rich supply of betting opportunities for basketball enthusiasts. It is essentially comprised of three divisions with a specific number of conferences per division.

Division I32 Conferences
Division II24 Conferences
Division III44 Conferences

Other NCAA tournaments include March Madness, Division I Conferences and The First Four.

  • EuroLeague:

This basketball league’s tournament is the equivalent of the champions’ league in soccer. Comprising 18 teams, with 34 games played per season, there are ample opportunities for Canadian basketball enthusiasts to try their luck. The EuroLeague tournament structure includes the Regular season, Play-offs and Final Four. 

  • NBL (National Basketball League): 

Another basketball tournament that Canadians can bet on is the NBL. The NBL was founded in the late 1970s and is now the premier men’s basketball competition in New Zealand and Australia. It consists of 9 teams (8 in Australia and 1 in New Zealand), with 28 games played per season. The NBL season structure includes the Regular season, Play-offs and Finals.


Both novice and advanced players can place many different types of bets on the best basketball betting sites. These types of bets include:

  • Moneyline: In a moneyline bet, players bet on the straight winner of a basketball game. For example, let us assume that the Los Angeles Lakers are playing against the Milwaukee Bucks. If the Lakers are the favourite, with the betting odds set at -240, while the odds of the Bucks are set at +160, this means that if you predict the Lakers will win, you need to stake $240 to win $100. Similarly, if you decide to bet on the Bucks, a $100 wager will bring a $160 profit.
  • Point Spread/Handicap: This type of bet is one of the most popular in online basketball games. Casinos and sportsbooks use the point spread to level the playing field between the two competing teams. For instance, a  -6.5 spread means that the favourite team needs to win by at least 7 points or more to cover the spread. If players choose the underdog, then a loss by 6 points or less will bring you a win.
  • Overs/Under: With this type of bet, players can wager on the possible total number of points in a basketball game. The sportsbooks usually make a certain number of points available on their site for players to stake on the over option or under option. For instance, staking on over 169.5 means that the total number of points in the game has to be at least 170 or more in order to win the bet. Staking on under 169.5 means that the total number of points in the game must be 169 or below in order to win the bet. 
  • Futures: Players can bet on the winner of a competition, playoff rounds, individual player stats, conferences and much more. 
  • Halftime/Fulltime: This type of bet gives players the option to predict which team will be winning at halftime and which will win at fulltime.
  • Parlays: This multi-game bet gives Canadian players the option to pick the winners of a selection of games. This can be based on either moneylines or spreads. Some sites also allow you to place parlay bets on other markets such as total points. Players can make predictions on a large combination of features within the basketball game. When all of the player’s predictions are correct, the player wins.
  • Overtime – yes/no: Players make their stake based on their belief that a basketball game will be won either during regular time, or in overtime after a tie. An additional bet may be placed on the anticipated winner of the match or the total number of points that will be scored during overtime.
  • Both teams to score a specified number of points: Some sportsbooks may offer the option to bet on the number of points that both teams have to score in order for the bet to pay off. So, players who have a hunch about the number of points that each team might score can try their luck with this type of bet.
  • Live Betting: In live betting, also known as “in play betting,” players bet on a live, ongoing game. Live betting is currently one of the most popular types of bet and almost all of the best basketball betting sites offer this option. Live betting is great for players who missed the pre-bet period or who are watching the match and feel like making a few predictions and getting a few extra bucks out of it.
  • Teasers: This type of bet is similar to a parlay bet in that it is tied to multiple bets. The difference between teasers and parlay bets is that teasers are restricted only to point spreads and have the same payout as a single, regular bet rather than a large, cumulative payout.


Learning basketball betting strategies is essential for both beginner and expert bettors who wish to increase their chances of winning. We have compiled a list of the most effective and popular basketball betting strategies for players to try. These include:

The High Totals System

The High Totals System was created by Allen Moody. This strategy is effective because it is based on the fact that sportsbooks tend to underestimate game totals for NBA non-conference games. Canadian players can therefore take a calculated risk and stake on the over on all games with an over/under total of 200 total points or more. It is a simple strategy that frequently pays off quite well.

The Blowout System

When a team wins by 13 points or more, it is assumed that they have gained momentum and will also win their upcoming game by the same number of double-digit points. However, the reverse often happens. This statistical drop off could be a result of player fatigue, overconfidence or oddsmakers overestimating the team’s chances of winning based on the results of the previous game. We recommend that you check previous statistics when betting on a basketball game and only implement this strategy based on the team’s last winning margin.

The Bounce Back System

This strategy works on the theory that basketball teams who have had poor offensive performances have a remarkable knack for bouncing back during their next home game. If you would like to use this strategy, we advise you to do some research on various statistics. Look for good teams that shot under 40% from the field in their previous away games and then bet the over on their next home game.

The Tunnel System

Employing this strategy correctly can help Canadian players drastically reduce their risk of losing basketball bets. The Tunnel System strategy relies on the fact that competing sportsbooks frequently offer different game totals while still offering the same great odds.

For example, let us assume that one sportsbook has the game total for the Celtics vs. Lakers at 216 points, while another has it at 213 points. In both cases, the Lakers are listed as nine-point favorites.

Using the Tunnel System, a player would bet the over (213) at one sportsbook, and the under (216) at another sportsbook. If the final combined score between the Celtics and Lakers is 214 or 215, you will have successfully won both bets. If, however, the final combined score falls outside of that “tunnel,” then you will still win one of the two bets. This will result in a small net loss since you would generally have to lay -110 odds on both wagers. In order to reap the rewards of the Tunnel System, players have to win both bets approximately 10% of the time. However, given that the “tunnel” is the most likely outcome, it certainly has the potential to rake in profits.

The Martingale System

This is a progressive betting strategy that requires players to double their betting sums on a specific team’s game totals until they win.

For example, if the Golden State Warriors are averaging 100 points per game and have scored 102 points or more in their past three games, staking a bet of $20 on the Warriors surpassing 102 points in their game against the Rockets will allow you to win your bet and make a small profit if the Warriors are the victors.

However, if the bettor is losing, the Martingale System would require them to double their bet to $40 on the prediction that the Warriors will surpass 102 points in their subsequent game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. If the Warriors score 102 points or more, then players will have recovered from their previous loss and made some additional money. The keys to the Martingale System are patience, a large bankroll, and an understanding of statistical trends.

The D’Alembert System

Like the Martingale System, the D’Alembert System is a progressive betting strategy; however, it carries considerably less financial risk as it is more conservative than the Martingale System. Players using this strategy select a bet amount and increase it by the same increment if they lose, and decrease it by the same increment if they win.

For example, if a player determines that their bet amount is going to be $10, they would use this sum as the starting point and stake $10 on the outcome of a game. If the player loses, they will bet $20 the next night on the outcome of another game. If they lose again, they will bet $30 on the following game. If they win that game, the player goes back to a $20 bet on the next game, and so on. The D’Alembert System is generally less lucrative than the Martingale System, but it appeals to bettors with smaller bankrolls who are more risk-averse.


Although there are many benefits for Canadian players who enjoy basketball betting, there are also several pitfalls. Some of them include:

  1. Low limits and odds for the competitions. However, this would not be a pitfall for the pros. 
  2. Many sportsbooks might not offer full coverage on basketball games, and many of them also limit their markets. We therefore recommend that players check out our list of the best basketball betting sites so that they can enjoy sportsbooks with full coverage.
  3. Due to the nature of gambling, predictions can be inaccurate, which causes players to lose money.
  4. Some players might be prone to addiction; it is advisable that all players gamble responsibly.


  • Is it important to learn how to place basketball bets?

Yes. It is important to learn how to bet on basketball games online because it increases your chances of winning. Knowing various tips and strategies will definitely come in handy and help to cut down on your losses.

  • Can I place bets on live basketball games?

Of course! Players who visit the best basketball sites that we recommend will definitely be able to stake live bets. So, there is no need to worry if you miss the pre bet, as there will be more time to catch up on the action and even place more successful bets.

  • Can I become a professional basketball bettor?

Yes, you can. Canadian players who want to become professionals should put in time and effort, and be patient as they sharpen their skills. Once this is achieved, basketball betting can be a consistent source of income.

  • Which basketball tournaments can I bet on?

Canadian players are free to bet on all ongoing basketball tournaments worldwide, at any time. To start betting, browse our list of the best basketball betting sites, select the one you like and you are good to go!