Entrepreneurship isn’t hard, but it requires you to keep learning new things. In this age of digital marketing where competition is getting higher than ever, Link Building can help you learn more about marketing and generate more leads – keep reading to find the basics of Link Building in this article!

What Is Link Building

Link building is a tested strategy that focuses on bringing high-quality inbound links or simply called Backlinks, to your website. According to GlobexOutreach.com  link building enhances the SEO of any company by many folds that eventually brings them to the front pages of google search. So, we can say that a strong link building profile helps in creating brand authority over the internet.

Importance Of Link Building

One of the benefits of SEO is that it can keep on bringing organic traffic to your website. And without Link Building, you can never rank your website higher on search engines. 

As a rule of thumb: More backlinks = Higher rankings on Search Engines = More sales

So keep in mind that Link Building takes an essential place in the world of SEO and Digital Marketing. 

How Is Link Building Done?

As mentioned earlier, Link Building is a “Strategy,” and there’s no guesswork involved. Missing any step can make the whole campaign crumble down. Here’s how a proper Link Building strategy is implemented:

  • Finding the top websites in an industry. 
  • Analyzing the audience of websites. 
  • Exploring their content strategy. 
  • Building strong connections. 
  • Getting the work done. 

So entrepreneurs, ready to learn more about every step? Let’s dive in!

The Top Websites

Getting backlinks from authoritative websites is the goal of a Link Building campaign. Keeping this in mind, you can’t rely on all websites for getting inbound links. You only have to target those that provide value to their readers and are known as well-established platforms. Here’s how you can find these sites:

  • Check the websites that rank on top against your target search terms. 
  • Look for all those websites that your target audience trusts. 
  • You can use tools like AllTop for finding such websites. 

Never consider a website for getting inbound links with a bad interface and didn’t publish content in ages. Your goal is to find only those active websites in the industry and have a proper audience. 

Analyze The Audience

The audience is the biggest indicator to identify whether a website is authoritative or not. While searching for top websites, you might find ones that publish content regularly but still don’t have an active audience. Here are some steps you can follow for checking if a website has an active audience or not:

  • Check the comments section of the websites. 
  • Check how many social shares their blogs get. 
  • Check if they have active followers of social media. 

This step can help you identify the websites that you should target in your Link Building campaign. 

Priority Of The Audience

Even if a website has an active audience, you still have to figure out whether its audience is related to your industry or not. For example, if you are selling music instruments, getting a backlink from a news outlet is not as good as getting one from a music blog. Remember, relevancy is the key!

These actionable tips can help you identify what their audience wants:

  • Check the frequency of posts on their blogs. 
  • Find out the optimal length of their blogs. 
  • Check the ideal format of their blogs. 

Apart from these steps, you can go the extra mile by checking what posts are an all-time favorite with their audience. 

Getting In Contact With Websites

After you decide on the websites you are going to work with, you have to connect with them. At this point, you might be thinking, “Why will someone go through all the effort to give me a backlink?” The answer comprises of the following points:

  • Websites will receive quality content from you. 
  • The content will help them engage their audience. 
  • Good-quality content will make them top SERPs in the future. 

Link Building is a win-win situation for you as an Entrepreneur and the websites you are targeting. Ensure that you emphasize this point when you are trying to get in contact with editors of any website. 

Getting The Links

There are two ways you can get inbound links or backlinks for your website, namely:

  1. Blogger Outreach
  2. Guest Posting

You will have to develop quality content in both these strategies, which will earn you a backlink and hopefully tons of views to your website right away. 

Blogger Outreach

In Blogger Outreach, you will contact the top bloggers in your industry and ask them to include a link to your website in their upcoming blog. Again, if you provide them good content like infographics or case studies, they will be more than happy to feature you on their blog because humans love to return favors

Follow these tips for identifying top bloggers and contacting them:

  • Use tools like Buzzsumo for finding bloggers. 
  • Engage with them on social media channels. 
  • Come up with blogs or infographics related to their audience. 
  • Get in touch with them using a blogger outreach email and make a move!

Guest Posting

ALL websites on the internet need quality content to strengthen their brand and engage their audience, and most of them are looking for guest contributors. You, as an entrepreneur, can offer authoritative websites in your industry and offer them to write a blog/article. 

If your blog having a link to your website gets published on your target website under your byline, you will earn a backlink and get thousands of hits on your blog (depending on the audience of the publishing website). Again, use tools like Buzzsumo or AllTop to find websites accepting guest posts. 

Follow these tips to write informative and engaging guest posts:

  • Familiarize yourself with their editorial guidelines. 
  • Follow their format and ideal length of their content. 
  • Write content around topics that are famous among their audience. 


Link Building is an essential of Digital Marketing that you can’t ignore. Remember that you can follow these tips for building a Link Building strategy, but getting it done from the experts is a better option. Happy Marketing!