As society develops, the need to buy apartments is also increasing and becoming more and more popular. Therefore, the problem of apartment interior design to ensure comfort and meet the needs of use is increasingly obvious. It becomes an important factor regardless of whether the space is large or narrow, the house is crowded or few people, how long it is used… To design the interior of an apartment, not just an idea, you need a consultation. of professional architects, and must know the principles of condo interior design.

Choosing furniture for apartments in the apartment

Principles in condo interior design

Apartments cannot be designed freely but must follow fixed principles, these principles will help the interior of the apartment be reasonable and harmonious, avoiding waste, loss of money, and aesthetics in America as well as the area.

Through brief sharing, the article has brought to readers useful information related to condo interior design. Thereby, readers can completely apply the information obtained from the article to get themselves the most satisfactory apartment interior design. Please read carefully the information before starting the work of choosing interior design to get a quality living space. If you are looking for a trusted interior designer, look no further. AC Vision offers condo interior design in Singapore – check out their portfolio today!

The balance, matching between color and light

The choice of color for the apartment will depend on the style of condo interior design you choose to get the right color and style. For example, for the interior design of a modern or luxurious apartment, you should choose bright and prominent colors, in contrast to the classic or minimalist style you should choose dark or dark colors.

For light, the direction of the window of the house should always be the direction to receive the light. Taking advantage of natural light will help you save money on electricity bills each month. Not only that, natural light also helps your apartment to create a pleasant, comfortable and fresh feeling.

Pay attention to feng shui

This is perhaps the most concerning issue for housing design in general and apartment buildings in particular. Feng shui elements include many smaller elements that make up such as house direction, door direction, interior decoration, lighting, …

It receives great attention because according to the concept, a house with good feng shui will bring fortune, luck, health and success to the owner. For this reason, invite a reputable feng shui master to see your home before you do the interior design of your apartment.

The principle of balance

This is considered an essential principle in apartment interior design. Every object in your apartment must be arranged with the right proportions and its size and quantity, in addition this principle also applies to all relevant elements such as the right color, the right door,…

The objects in the apartment must also be arranged so that the distance between them is balanced, not too far, not too close. Having a balance in the interior design of the apartment will help your apartment be balanced, harmonious, not causing a feeling of being cramped, but on the contrary, very airy and comfortable.

Principle of Unity

You should only choose a single style for your apartment and have the home interior design stick to only one chosen style to create unity. You can not mix many styles at the same time as modern combined with classic, this will cause chaos and loss of aesthetics for the viewer.

The fact that we apply a single style to our apartment will create uniformity, consistency as well as formality for the house. In addition, when everything in the house is unified, people looking at the house will be able to immediately detect the style that you are using. This will also be a highlight for those who come to play at home, making good use of this principle.

The most popular interior design condo styles today

The condo interior design in modern style

One of the highlights of modern apartment interior design is the use of straight lines, sharp designs and color elements to create a unique charm that captivates people. The main color tone of this style is reflected in the neutral colors, especially the minimalist black and white colors that are often used when applying this style of design.

The condo interior design in modern style

The condo interior design classic style

With this style, the ancient lines, materials, and decorations are all in the direction of royal and splendid classical. The feeling of magnificence, magnificence, superficiality, pomp is the advantage and purpose of this style for apartment interior designs.

The color gamut of this school can be mentioned as deep, gray brown, moss green or creamy yellow… Especially when it comes to Interior 22, architects with good expertise and high aesthetics will give birth to innovative works in apartment design to create a difference and uniqueness for each apartment.

Neoclassical style apartment interior design

It is the perfect combination of modern and classic style. Neoclassical architecture brings a sexy look, simple but brings sophistication and elegance to the space in which it is present. Furniture in this style with sophisticated stylized decoration always exudes elegance and sophistication.

The condo interior design in contemporary style

This style is a popular choice among young people today due to its advantages of being minimalist, simple but not monotonous or boring. The interior design of the apartment in contemporary style is simple but still exudes elegance, elegance and decisiveness. The main color gamut used is white-black, but sometimes the uniqueness lies in the ingenious arrangement of the designer.

The condo interior design in contemporary style

Korean style

If you regularly watch Korean dramas, you can easily see that the Korean apartment interior design style is relatively similar to the Japanese style in tones or minimalism. However, there are still highlights and towards a more modern and youthful look, quite suitable for small and medium sized apartments.

Nordic style

When it comes to the design style of beautiful apartments, it is impossible not to mention the Nordic style. A style that was not popular at the time has gradually become the first choice, very popular in apartment design styles.

Referring to Northern Europe is referring to the land of snow, wood and natural wild things. The design of a beautiful apartment in this style too, with the dominant snow-white tone throughout the design is indeed the savior of small-area apartments, and this color also helps to erase the intersection. between areas makes the space become tighter.

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