Did you stumble upon Baseuswholesale.com and are wondering if it’s legitimate and trustworthy? If so then you’re on the right track!

Shopping online can be a bit tricky. Sometimes, they appear legitimate but are actually fraudulent, and other times you can tell that it is a scam by checking. We always recommend our readers to read the reviews on websites and then make a decision about the credibility of the site.

Today we are discussing Baseus Wholesale Reviews we discuss an United States-based website that offers a variety of items.

Therefore, if you’d like to learn more, keep reading.

What is Baseuswholesale.com?

Baseuswholesale.com offers an internet-based store that boasts of providing exceptional quality of service, integrity as well as helpful and friendly information. There are many categories of the items: outdoors and sports beauty and well-being pet products as well as household and kitchen items toys, children’s and baby’s electronic toys, and winter items.

Customers can purchase electronic items including heated winter clothing and tents, shoes and skateboards and shoes for hiking, toys and many other products.

These amazing products at bargain prices don’t reveal the truth about the website. Is Baseus Wholesale Legit? Let’s discover!

Specifications of Baseuswholesale.com

Here are the most important details concerning baseuswholesale.com and its policies regarding customers:

  • URL: https://www.baseuswholesale.com/
  • Categories: Multiple household products
  • Domain age: Registered on 17 May 2020. this website has an age of one year five months , and 22 days.
  • Telephone number: +1(669) 250-1812
  • Email address: [email protected], [email protected]
  • Store address and company 3rd and 4th Floors 315 Madison Avenue, New York 10165, United States
  • Accepted payment methods: In Baseus Wholesale Reviews we say that the company accepts transactions through PayPal that is possible with any credit card.
  • Customer policy on cancellation of orders: Customers are entitled to cancel their order within 30 days. The company will refund the customer within 14 days, using the payment method used initially.
  • Refund and return policy Return and refund policy: Customers are able to return items within 30 days from the date of purchase. The items returned must be returned in their original packaging. Items that are customized to the customer or being sold are not eligible for return. Refunds on the items will be issued within 10-14 business days.
  • Delivery and shipping policy Shipping and delivery policy: The shipping and delivery policy is in the Baseus Wholesale Reviews we declare that the company does not deliver out of the US. The processing time for orders is usually three working days and then delivered within 5-20 business days according to the shipping method. Tracking numbers for orders are also given.
  • Social media icons are used for advertising (sharing) for purposes only.

Pros of Baseuswholesale.com

  • The HTTPS protocol is being identified
  • Domain age is greater than 1 year.
  • Variety of goods.
  • A proper size guideline as well as other information are provided for the items.

Cons of Baseuswholesale.com

  • The domain’s owner is not identified.
  • The expiration time for low domains
  • The domain is connected to one or more nations that are known for being used by fraudulent websites.

Is Baseus Wholesale Legit?

We suggest you think about the following aspects of this site and then make a decision:

  • Domain Age: 1 Year, five months, and 23 calendar days
  • Trust Rank: 52.6/100
  • Alexa Global Rank: #1,909,519
  • Customer policies: all of the important policies are available on the site and summarized in this article.
  • Customer reviews: There are no Customer reviews, or customer feedbacks are accessible on the Internet
  • Plagiarized content: the majority parts of content such as images of products, are copied from other websites.
  • Originality of Address: There isn’t any information available for the address given.
  • Owner’s information: information about the owner can be located in WHOIS information
  • Social media icons: These icons are available for sharing the product

Baseus Wholesale Reviews

Although there are reviews sections for every product on the site however, there were no reviews from customers. There aren’t any customer feedbacks or reviews on the Internet also.

The domain’s age is long and the lack of customer reviews on the site are in contradiction to evidence. If you have any information to add or comment about this site that sells skating skates You can post it in the comments section below.