Here are some simple Banner design ideas for websites. Keep in mind the following: Text effects, Illustrations, Color blocking, and Clear lines. These elements will help you create an eye-catching banner. These tips will also help you choose the right font for your banner. Make sure your design has a unique style and uses colour blocking effectively to draw attention to the main message. After following these steps, you will have a successful banner that will get lots of visitors to visit your site.

Text effects

There are many options available for adding text effects in a banner design. You can make your text look unique and interesting with WordArt. Choose a style from the WordArt gallery on the Insert tab and then modify the text. This style displays placeholder text, which can be changed to create a custom effect. This method works well for creating a YouTube banner. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using text effects in a banner design.

You can also use color and shapes to create a dynamic design. A surfer graphic, for example, packs a lot of action. Wiggling lines in the background convey the waves on the ocean. Text on the frames also adds a graphic shape to the design. While the banner seems jam-packed with action, it should also have a call-to-action. For this, you can use different font styles and color schemes.


There are several ways to use illustrations for banner design ideas. One of the best is to incorporate images that complement your message. Images can be professional stock photos, illustrations, or animations. The format of an image will determine the way you display it on the banner. To create an attractive and effective banner design, choose a font with a strong impact. An image should be related to the sentiment expressed in the quote. Printed banners can be taken to company events, as well as used as social media cover photos.

Another way to use illustrations is to showcase a photo of yourself on the banner. Whether it’s a full-screen image or a small frame, a photo of yourself can make a great banner design. Make sure to choose a recent image and that it communicates the message you want your visitors to take away. In addition to using an image, you can use a graphic logo to tie the entire design together.

Color blocking

Using bright, bold colors is a great way to get your audience’s attention, and color blocking adds potency. Contrast is the ability of two objects to stand out from each other. Dark things contrast with light, and vice versa. By using complementary colors or color blocking, you can create a similar effect. Here are a few design ideas for utilizing color blocking in banners. Read on to discover how to make your banner stand out from the competition.

A popular design update is color blocking. This trend is becoming very popular among website designers, and you can find many examples on sites like 99designs. Use the Hub to create multiple versions of a design and see what works best for you. It’s also free, and you can use it to get your banner design started today. You’ll also discover many other ways to use color blocking in banners. For example, you can create a banner design featuring images of a beautiful sunset over a beach.

Clear lines

When creating a banner design for your business, it’s important to be able to see the lines clearly. If you have a square banner, your text will be smaller, and this will affect how your banner projects your message. Stick to the K.I.S.S. principle, which means “keep it simple, stupid,” to avoid this problem. Here are some tips to follow to create a beautiful, well-balanced banner.

Identify your audience. Knowing who your target audience is will help you maximize your potential reach and engage with your message. You can use this information to inform the creative process, as it will help you develop detailed concepts and ideas. While this may seem like an overly complex process, it won’t limit your imagination. Using your audience as your guide will help you maximize every impression. So, start brainstorming your campaign ideas today!

Simple message

When designing a banner, you should focus on the message you want to convey. This can be done in many ways. If your target audience is pedestrians, you can focus on the most important information. For this reason, you should use a simple font with a clean design. The font size and style should match the size of the space on which you plan to place the banner. A 300×300 space can be used to advertise your website or a product, but you should also make sure that your design and message are consistent.

Another good idea for a banner is to use a photo of the person on it. A full-screen image or a photo collage may be the right choice. A smaller frame is another option. When choosing a photo, make sure to use a recent photo and one that carries the same message as the rest of the content. A simple, yet effective message banner can be a fun and creative way to promote a business.