Everybody loves going out traveling with friends or family. Sometimes it is a long vacation like a foreign tour or going to the countryside to spend some time with nature or it may be a small picnic-like trip to a nearby park, zoo, beauty parlor, or heritage site. That second small picnic-like trip is what we call a staycation. 

Staycation basically means when someone stays at home to spend a holiday and visit local attractions during the day while coming back home before the night because a staycation does not include any overnight accommodation other than home. Now let’s get to the topic of the article that is bags to bring out on a staycation plus where can we find them.

In the following article, first, we are going to talk about some of the best bags to bring out on a staycation and then we’ll talk about where can we find the best quality ones at the most affordable prices

Best bags for Staycation

Bags and traveling are two interdependent things. If you don’t have bags according to the occasion then your traveling expiring is not gonna be the best one and if you are not traveling anywhere then your bags lose their practicality. So we are going to tell you which of the bags are perfect for which occasion. Plus, while we always try to make the list keeping gender equality in mind we will still be leaning toward the lady’s side after all when it comes to variation in bag fashion then men’s products can’t compare to women’s products.


The backpack is the most essential type of bag that you may need for your trip during a staycation. It is the king of bags for all types of traveling either it be short-distance traveling or long-distance traveling. It matters not if you are going hiking on a nearby mountain or for photography at some nearby park. A backpack is all you need for the luggage solution.

A backpack is a large bag. It has two wide adjustable straps with which the bag can be hung on both of the shoulders while the body of the bag leans on the carrier’s back. Backpacks cover a lot of body surface area on which they distribute all the weight of the luggage. It makes them easy to carry. So backpacks are really good when you have to carry your luggage on foot. And backpacks are gender-neutral so both men, as well as women, can use them.


For women who want to keep their belongings close, handbags are as important as the belongings themselves. A handbag contained nearly half of a girl’s life. They have been in trend since antiquities. For as long as you can remember women have always loved handbags. 

Handbags have remained one of the permanent residents in a girl’s wardrobe and there are no signs that anything’s gonna take their place shortly. Take a handbag that looks fashionable with you when you go shopping during your day trip and you will be the center of attention of everybody. 

Handbags of medium size are good for carrying items such as a purse, clutch bag, extra slippers, extra dress, mobile, and makeup while small handbags can be used for the same purpose but only for lightweight items like your mobile, purse, glasses, makeup, etc. 

Nearly all handbags have two short loops at the top for hanging them on your hand and one long adjustable loop or chain for hanging them on the shoulder. Handbags are top-loaded with most having a zip lock. All women like to bring a handbag with them whenever they go out shopping or for a stroll. For women handbags are a must-have bag to bring on a staycation.

Satchel bags

Satchel bags were traditionally used as a bag for carrying books however nowadays satchel bags are fashionable cross-body bags that are one of the most popular type utility bags among women. Satchel bags come in different designs and materials but among all those leather is the most famous and popular material. 

Leather Satchel bags look good on women of all age groups and every woman has different reasons for loving their satchel bags. Some love them because of their classic designs then some love them because of their practicality. A quality satchel bag with a matching dress can make any girl look like a model. If you don’t want to bring a lot of stuff with you on your trip during your staycation then a satchel bag can be a very good choice because of its classic, trendy, and fashionable looks and ergonomic design. 

Satchel bags have a strap or chain that can be hung on the shoulder like a cross-body bag or you can carry them like a handbag with the two small hoops or you can remove the strap/chain put the hoops in (can remove them as well if possible) and grip it in your hand like a clutch bag. A Satchel bag can have an open-top with a zip lock or a flap cover with a magnet lock or a push lock. Whichever one it is, they are all good for your holidays. But if you want specific suggestions then quilted or leather satchel bags are one of the most popular types. One of them is stylish and regal while the other is traditional and classic and always stays in trend.

Shoulder bag

If you are planning a massage therapy, yoga practice, or a trip to the beach then we don’t think you would like to bring a backpack to carry your items. But you can’t choose a handbag either because normal handbags are not gonna be large enough to carry your required items like snacks, beverages, or mats. So what you are gonna need is a larger bag. If you have a beach basket or picnic basket then that’s good otherwise the shoulder bag will be the next best option. 

A shoulder bag has two large loops or hoops which can be hung on the shoulder to carry items. If you want a stable and wide space for your items, you can choose a bucket-type shoulder bag. Shoulder bags are also one of the best options for going shopping because they have great space in which you can easily carry all your bought items. The lather-made saddle shoulder bag is also a popular shoulder bag among women for its beautiful and classic design and that is also our suggestion if you want.

Tote bags

Tote bags are the most versatile bags among all types of bags. They are the bags with the most utility and usability. On a vacation, you can use it for almost any purpose you can think of. 

Their looks are good with a lot of variation in design, have a lot of space and are durable, and most importantly, affordable. What else can you want from a bag? You can carry anything in your tote bag from your babies’ clothes to your babies themselves or some other items like your laptop, phone, flip-flop, clutch bag, etc. 

Tote bags are made from many types of materials like leather, cotton, and artificial fibers like nylon. A tote bag has a lot of space so that you can carry all the essentials for your trip in one place. And you can also bring your tote bag to market just like a shoulder bag for obvious reasons. So if you are planning for a picnic then a tote bag is the type of bag you are gonna need. A cotton or leather tote bag is our recommendation to bring on your next trip if you want.

Purse or Wallet

Purse and wallet is popular not just among women but men also. The purse comes in different designs may it be non-foldable, single-fold, or double-fold. People have their own preferences of purse according to their needs. 

Some want to keep their cards safe and arrange so they like card wallets while some like to keep their mobile or makeup in hand so they like utility purses. But whatever may the reason be purse or wallet are important to have not just for a staycation or holiday but also in daily life. They help you arrange your items either in them or in your bigger bags.

Where can you find your bags?


They are a South Korea-based bag and shoe company that have created a name for themselves in the women’s fashion industry. With over 50 shops and outlets in more than 10 countries, they have a well-established reputation globally. Pazzion is known for its trending accessories in the fashion world. They are also known for selling quality items at affordable prices. So if you wanna buy quality items but have a low budget they are worth checking out. 


Everyone knows what amazon is and what they do but still for formalities’ sake they are an e-commerce company. They are one of the best e-commerce platforms globally. While they are not exclusively fashion-related or bag-related because of the variety of goods they offer, they are also a good place to find the bag you need. The only problem is that you have too

much to choose from but try using filters to find the one you want.

The following are some other places that are the same as the two mentioned above