TikTok has attracted millions of users all over the globe and in particular the United States. Are you one of these people? With the help of this platform, many people have become celebrities.

You are curious about the real identity of TikTok’s personality?

This article will discuss Babyface.s Tiktok real name and why this name is in the news. Keep checking back.

Tiktok: Why Babyface.s got So Famous?

Tiktok, the well-known platform, has been a great help to many people in recent years. This application lets you create videos and showcase your talents.

Babyface.s followed the same path; his content and dance videos have attracted almost 1.2million followers. In 2020, he began making videos. He also had one of his videos viewed over 200,000 times. His efforts were appreciated on social media platforms.

What is Babyface.s Tiktok’s Real Name?

Babyface.s, his account name is Matima Miller. He was born 26/12/2002. He was also known under the name Swavy. He has almost 2.3million followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

The videos of the famous influencer have been viewed more than 3 million times. The news that the influencer was shot dead recently sparked curiosity among fans.

Matima Miller Died

Damaury Mikula shared the video as a friend to confirm Matima’s death. The victim was shot and killed Monday, 5 July 2021. People have been able to identify Babyface.s Tiktok real name and are looking for the reasons behind the incident.

According to the news, Matima had been shot at the 700 block of Elbert Place early in the morning. The police have not yet arrested the suspect, according to the sources. The investigation continues.

What is Reality Behind the News?

Swavy or Matima’s families did not confirm that Swavy had died. The police have confirmed the case and are open to anyone with information.

One video confirmed the death news. Later, people searched Babyface.s Tiktok real name. They posted condolences and pain on the videos and commented on Twitter.

Closing Thoughts

Babyface.s uploaded the final video on 1 July 2021. Miluka was the one with whom he made the video. Later, he just cried to share his feelings with the fans.

The family has been confirmed by news outlets and other officers. Sad fans were also looking for Babyface.s Tiktok’s Real Name.

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