As a new parent, you want to take every step to raise your little one carefully. Right, now when your child is old enough to start solid, do you know what you need now? An object that can hold them still while you feed them to fulfill their nutrition level.

As the child grows, they become quite uncontrollable. In this movement, you should know that you are ready to buy a high chair for your kid. Still confused? Well, here is an article for you. 

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When You Should Buy a High Chair for Babies?

You can buy a high chair for your kid as they become 6 months old. But it varies from child to child and asks for their development. So, you cannot take age as a benchmark. 

So, you should know that you are ready to buy a high chair for your baby if they are strong enough to sit without support and hold their head. They should be able to use their hands freely and sit with stability without bulging much. 

It is important to know that a baby must be able to hold their head up. If not, then you should not buy it yet. 

Note: If you feel your baby is not able to hold them straight, then you should not start solid food. Why? Because it is highly possible that their windpipe is not yet opened fully. 

Types of High Chair

There are several types of high chairs that you can find in the market, but you can divide them into four basic categories:

  • Traditional

Traditional high chairs are made up of wood, plastic, or metal. They are convertible and occupy more storage. Moreover, they are lightweight, cheap, and aesthetically appealing. 

  • Convertible

Convertible high chairs are fully functional chairs. They are highly convertible and grow with your baby. How? It allows you to change the height of the chair, angle of the seat, the height of the tray, and footrest height. So, you can use it for your child in his first three years of growth.

  • European-style

European style does not have fixed food trays. You can pull it to the table during mealtime. Also, come with an adjustable seat and footrest height.

  • Clip-on

The Clip-on high chairs are also known as space-saving chairs. You can snap, clip or hook these chairs on a dining or kitchen table. They are travel-friendly and portable. 

Things To Consider Before Buying a High Chair


One of the most important things to consider is safety. You have to make sure that the chair you use has all those safety features included that will keep your infant safe. 

You should look for chairs with adjustable safety straps, safety latches, and closures, adjustable seat heights, broad base, wheel lock, etc. Also, choose a chair that is certified by JPMA.


You should also consider the amount of space you have before choosing a high chair. For example, if you have a smaller kitchen you should opt for a high chair that is portable and adjustable. You can also look for convertible high chairs that are easy to store when not in use. 


You should also consider your budget while buying a high chair. You can find high chairs of different price ranges in the market. If you want an affordable high chair, you can cope with a portable or hook on a high chair. 

Moreover, if budget is not an issue with you then you can look for a high chair with more features. 

Easy to Clean

When you are feeding a baby, you cannot avoid a mess. They will throw the food here or there. They will chew while dropping crumbs on the chairs. So, another thing you should look for in a high chair is an easy to clean feature. 

You can go with a high chair with wipeable fabrics. Moreover, you can also look for high chairs without fabric. You should also look for chairs with minimum and corners for food and liquids to trap. 


Another important thing you should look for in a high chair is comfort. You have to consider the comfort of your child while buying a high chair for them. You should take your baby with you while shopping for a high chair. 

Try it on before purchasing it to make sure that you have the perfect chair for your baby. 


Children grow fast. Hence you should look for a high chair that they can use in their early growth period. Therefore, always look for a chair with convertible features. You can find such a chair easily in the market. They allow you to change your footrest height, adjustable food tray, etc.

Benefits Of Buying a High Chair

There are several benefits of buying a high chair for your baby. Let’s discover the one by one:

  • You can enjoy your meal together with your baby. As soon as your baby starts solid food, you can buy a seat for them to sit on and enjoy their food.
  • You can make babies eat in one place. Yes, you cannot avoid mess while feeding your child but you can restrict it to a place with chairs. Nowadays high chairs come with washable and easy to wipe materials. 
  • You can feed your toddler easily without running behind them. You can have all their food in one place and serve them without any rush. 
  • Children can learn quickly to feed themselves. When they have fun and find feeding interesting. It helps them to complete their nutrition and develops a keen interest in food. 
  • A high chair gives you the independence to do work without compromising your baby’s safety. You can make them sit on the chair while you are doing other stuff such as cooking a meal. 

Final Words

To wrap it up we can say that you should ensure that your baby can sit upright before buying a high chair for them. And if they can then consider the above factors to find a perfect match for them.