B2B LinkedIn marketing is a strategy that businesses use to promote their products or services to other businesses using the LinkedIn platform. Since LinkedIn is a social media platform specifically designed for professionals, it’s the ideal platform for B2B marketing and the perfect way to reach the businesses that can benefit from yours.

B2B LinkedIn Marketing: How Does it Work?

Start With a Company Page

The first step in an effective marketing campaign using this platform is to build and maintain a company page. This page should include information about your business, including its products or services, company culture, and any recent news or updates. By regularly posting updates and engaging with followers, you can build brand awareness and establish yourself as a thought leader.

Don’t skip out on this basic work. It’s foundational to all that follows: all the connections in the world won’t be worth anything if you don’t have a great page that makes other businesses sit up and take notice.

Target Your Advertising

Next up is targeted advertising. LinkedIn offers various targeting options that allow businesses to reach specific audiences based on factors such as job title, industry, location, and company size. This allows you to reach your ideal target audience and improve the chances of generating leads. 

Envision your ideal client: who do you want to connect with? Who can make the best use of your services or products? Once you know who those people or businesses are, then take the time to consider their needs. What are their pain points? How can your product or service answer those pain points? Then, use LinkedIn’s tools to craft advertising demonstrating how and why your business offers a useful collaboration. Click here to get help with crafting perfect targeted advertising.

Link With Likeminded People

Businesses can also use LinkedIn to connect with potential clients and partners through LinkedIn Groups. These groups are communities of professionals with shared interests, and they provide a great opportunity to find and connect with the people you’re most likely to connect with professionally.

These groups also give you a chance to promote yourself as a thought leader in your industry and get your business in front of the eyes of others. By participating in relevant groups and contributing valuable insights, you can also build relationships with potential clients and partners and increase your visibility to their followers, too.

Share Content

Another way businesses can use LinkedIn for B2B marketing is by creating and sharing content that is relevant and valuable to their target audience. This might include blog posts, articles, infographics, or videos that offer insights or solutions to common problems facing their industry.

By consistently creating and sharing high-quality content, you can position yourself as a thought leaders, show expertise, and also demonstrate your value generally. When you’re sharing content that already provides value, businesses are more likely to think of you first when they need the services you offer.

Generate Leads

Businesses can also use LinkedIn to generate leads and nurture relationships through LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. These forms allow you to collect leads directly from LinkedIn campaigns and connect with prospects through personalized follow-up messages. 

These forms also keep leads in the app, which makes it more attractive, and allows you to track your ROI more accurately. Internal data from LinkedIn shows that companies who use these forms are seeing two or three times the lead volume and increased lead quality at the same time.

Stay Relevant

In addition to these strategies, businesses can use LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on industry trends and news and connect with potential employees. By regularly engaging with the network of everyone in your industry and participating in industry-specific discussions, you can gain valuable insights and build relationships that can lead to new opportunities. 

Where staying relevant used to require visiting trade shows and lots of expensive travel and time-consuming phone calls, a lot of that can now be done via LinkedIn. 

Is It Worth It?

B2B LinkedIn marketing is a powerful way to promote products or services to other businesses, generate leads, and build relationships. You can effectively market yourself on the LinkedIn platform and achieve your marketing goals with a well-designed and executed marketing strategy. 

It sounds simple, and in some ways, it is: but you still have to put in the time. There’s a lot involved to do this right, and that time is time you’re taking from your core activities. When you are stealing time and energy from your core business focus, that can undo all the positive effects of your marketing efforts. Work with a skilled marketing agency to overcome this issue and make the best use of both your time and your marketing dollars.