Were you left with abandoned cargo for the first time? Don’t have the faintest clue what actions you should take? Sell your products to another purchaser on the B2B Discount platform and avoid unnecessary expenses and stress.

B2B Discount is a lifebuoy for providers who have unclaimed cargo. It enables sellers and customers to find each other and conclude a deal on favorable terms for both parties. While clients may buy goods of paramount quality at beneficial rates, suppliers may get rid of abandoned cargo and shun financial losses.

How does the B2B Discount website work? Is this service legit? What are the advantages of its use? Below we will cover these questions and explain why the B2B Discount platform is worth considering by providers.

Make Use of B2B Discount with Ease

Before going to the B2B Discount principles of operation, there is a necessity to sort out what abandoned cargo is and why providers face it. Unclaimed or also known as abandoned cargo is products or goods that are refused by the initial purchaser. The denial may not even be connected with the products’ quality. A client may decline a cargo while it is still on its way or already arrived at the port.

Unfortunately, buyers may refuse goods for a few reasons:

  • The client’s company faces financial troubles and can’t pay for the rest of the cargo.
  • The client’s permission for importing goods has expired.
  • Unexpected events, for instance, war and global pandemics occur.

Even if the customer makes a prepayment for products, this is not a 100% guarantee that he will meet the second part of a contract and take away cargo. As a result, a seller is left with goods and his task is to find a way out of this challenging position as fast as possible.

Instead of spending money on return shipping or products’ storage at the port, the better solution is to resell cargo to another purchaser. This is what B2B Discount exactly specializes in. Being a trading platform, B2B Discount provides suppliers with the possibility to discover international businesses and sell top-quality goods to them.

To start marketing your abandoned cargo, you should perform several simple actions:

  1. Go to the main page of the B2B Discount site.
  2. Detect and go to the “Unclaimed cargo” section.
  3. Create a new offer by pressing “+Add Offer”.
  4. Leave as many details concerning your products as possible and add high-quality photos.

Make your offer attractive to numerous international companies and market your goods faster than other providers. If you want your offers to be placed on the B2B Discount platform successfully, you should stick to certain requirements.

Purchase Goods Using B2B Market

Not only traders may benefit from utilizing the B2B Discount site. Businesses of various sectors starting from agriculture to fashion accessories may use B2B Discount by purchasing products at profitable terms. Since goods are sold at lower rather than average market rates, business owners may buy top-quality products and wherein save money.

If you intend to purchase abandoned cargo, you should go to the B2B Discount website and look for the “B2B Market” section. Here you can find specific products by entering them in the search bar. Or you may press the “view all products” button and look through all available offers. Detailed information on every product will be depicted for you. If any offer is interesting to you, there is a necessity to simply begin a private chat with a provider and discuss partnership details.

B2B Discount Terms of Use

B2B Discount is a platform for simple trading that unites businesses from all over the globe. Its website is clear, easy to navigate, and user-friendly. To have a high reputation all the time, B2B Discount sets certain rules that users should follow. This is a guarantee that the B2B Discount site continues to be legit and trustworthy by both providers and purchasers.

For instance, traders should grant copies of shipment papers to B2B Discount managers. This will assist to make sure that cargo is entirely legal and entails no violations. Managers will verify every offer in detail and reject those offers that may seem suspicious to them.

Another significant requirement for B2B Discount using concerns pricing policy. Providers should set rates for their products that are 5 to 90 percent lower than their market price. At first, it may seem disadvantageous for sellers. However, by lowering rates on goods, traders may market their abandoned cargo more quickly and avoid further expenses for storage or demurrage.

Despite B2B Discount terms of use, it is still profitable to rely on this service. Sellers and purchasers may create new connections by utilizing the B2B Discount site for free.

Reasons to Trust B2B Discount

Somebody may think B2B Discount is an ordinary trading platform. However, B2B Discount differs from its similar websites for online trading. The most obvious distinction is that B2B Discount is having dealt with abandoned cargo only.

B2B Discount doesn’t charge a fee for its services. This implies both traders and buyers may use this platform for free. B2B Discount has nothing to do with debating contract details between providers and customers. B2B Discount simply unites both parties and this is where its powers end.

There is a well-developed user support department accessible on the B2B Discount website. In case you have issues with placing your offer or you possess difficulties with discovering a suitable provider, don’t let it upset you. You should simply contact the user support agent and your matter will be resolved immediately.

To conclude we can say that abandoned cargo is always unpleasant for suppliers. This may lead to additional financial expenses and stress. Luckily, a useful B2B Discount platform exists to assist such providers. With its support, it becomes possible to get rid of unclaimed cargo and find new clients for high-quality products. Next time you are left with abandoned cargo or, on the contrary, you desire to purchase goods at pleasant rates, go to the B2B Discount website and conclude successful deals with international businesses.