AxieZone hosts Axie Infinity. AxieInfinity, the most famous game, was created and supported by Ethereum Blockchain.

The game allows you to raise, breed, and collect fantasy creatures called Axie. Online tools and guides are available to help players become Axie coaches. The Philippines allows players to breed their Axie, and then trade them or sell them to other players.

There are total 2312588 Axies. Of these, 43276 Axies can be purchased. Before you play, make sure to check the Xie Zone Server Status. It can sometimes get down.

What is Axie Zone Server?

Axie Zone Server hosts the game and manages it for players. However, once the server is up and running, players can still enjoy the game.

Some Philippines players complain that the game server is down and they can’t access it. Many other common problems can cause server downtime, preventing players from playing the game and allowing them to trade their Axies.

What is the Current Status of Axie ZoneServer Status?

The Axie Zone Server currently is online. A few indicators will let players know if the server has been down or up before they can play the game. The Axie infinity Server Status page updates and keeps the players informed about the status of the server.

  • Green – Servers that are running in green state have been up and running.
  • Yellow – If it turns yellow, the server will be fine. However, it may get slower in the middle.
  • Red – A red color indicates that the server may be down and won’t respond to your request.
  • Grey – The gray colour signifies that the Axie Zone Server status is unknown and services may be slow.

These are the colors that allow players to see the status of Axie Zone Server.

What are the Current Issues with Axie’s Zone Server?

According to Axie Infinity’s official Twitter page, there are ongoing issues with the server and website. The tech team is trying to fix it as fast as possible.

  • Stuck Axies-Many players have issues when their Axies become stuck. These Axies can be purchased. Engineers are working to resolve this problem and they will soon be able to provide a solution.
  • Game Server Issue: The server is slow and players are unable to fight when the Axie Zone Server status is down. Tech team working to address the problem.
  • Trouble Morphing – There are ongoing difficulties in breeding and changing the creatures. It could be due either to server downtimes or a combination DDOS Spam and high traffic influx.

It gains new enemies as the platform becomes more popular. The engineers are working hard to develop new updates that will fix any errors and keep the server online 24-7.


Axie Infinity Game is a fun game. Before you enter the game, make sure to check the Axie Zone Status. At the time this post was written, the game server was operational.

Check out these tips if you are new to Axie Infinity’s gaming world.

What do you think about the current status of the game servers? We would appreciate your comments.