is an online store that was launched Worldwide recently. Are you interested in buying branded shoes at 30% off the original price? As you save 70%, this offer seems tempting. Scammers exploit this customer behavior. We find similar offers on

Did you know has stolen content from numerous sites? We provide all the details in Awpstore which will help you determine if scam.

Brief:, a popular example of a site that is part a scamming web network, is great. resembles CvkStore. TopoptShop. RsrsStore. OnJordanStore. Nk90Store. NcgShop. MmkcShop. JamesiStore. IwgShop. ItdShop. FiiStore. Airf1Shop. Air95Sports. Air123Shop. 97VsShop.

The email address listed on eleven websites is fake. The same goes for the physical address, which isn’t traceable on maps but shows a completely different business establishment. sells brand shoes from the below brands at a crazy 70% discount

All Awpstore and specifications reveal that it is part and parcel of a global network which carries scams using different website names. Let’s look at the details of its features.


  • Buy shoes at:
  • Social media Link:included at but it is not working.
  • Starts at $65.99
  • Physical Location:110 Ann Road. Harrow Essex. United Kingdom.
  • Customer Reviews & blogs:blogs may not be available on But, the customer rating is.
  • Terms And Conditions:not included on
  • Privacy policy This policy was copied from multiple sites but is not available on
  • Phone or Whatsapp Number: Unknown
  • Store locator Awpstore finds is not able to display a store locator. This could mean that it doesn’t have a physical location.
  • Delivery Your shoes will arrive within 9 days.
  • Shipping It might take up 2 days to process your shipment.
  • Tracking You will receive an email with your tracking number. Within 48 hours, you can view the tracking number on any third-party website.
  • Return Policynot specified. On the website, it is stated that there is a 30-day refund guarantee.
  • Refunds not specified: Refund policy and timelines are not stated.
  • Help & FAQs:This section redirects users to the “Contact Us” page. This is considered in Awpstore.
  • Email address: [email protected].
  • Method Of Payment:in GBP or EUR via PayPal.
  • Newslettersnot Supported by
  • The details of the owner of Taylor was registered.


  • is a great place to shop, as it offers branded footwear at up to 70% off


  • Poor design by
  • provides fake email and physical address
  • Content is stolen from various sites
  • Shoes are described in a poor format and images of shoes fill most product pages.

Awpstore to verify its Legitimacy

  • Creation by 13 January 2022 @ 04:58.58.
  • Last modified on:13thJanuary 2022 @ 05:00:46 AM
  • Ends:13th Jan 2023 at 04.58:58.58.
  • age: 14 day old.
  • Trust Index AwpStore holds a terrible trust rating, at 1%
  • Origin of considers the United States to be its Country of Origin.
  • Status blacklisting: is not blacklisted.
  • Connect uses secure and valid HTTPS protocols.
  • Contact Person:contact person at has not been mentioned.
  • Social relationships: The website is not available on social media.
  • Contact Information for the Owner: Melissa Taylor did not provide contact details on

Customers Awpstore : reviews of products are positive and rated 5 star. These reviews are fake. seems to be a scam according to three YouTube reviews. Four other website reviews suggested it to be a scam. was not rated or reviewed by customers on customer opinion sites. doesn’t have any social media profiles so there were no reviews or ratings on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others.

Conclusion: is a scam because it is a duplicate of many WebsitesAwpstore concludes that has stolen material, low trust rank, and a short lifespan. Fake email and physical address have been published on many sites. has no refund policy. does not have a refund policy.