Who is Avraham Rozenman?

Avraham Rozenman, often referred to as Avi Rozenman, is a well-known character who is highly remembered for all of his wrongdoings and crimes. We want to underline that you should not evaluate the individual based on his appearance; he is a cunning mastermind who should be avoided like the plague. He was the Chief Operating Officer of a Domestic Limited Liability Company, and he is currently working for an underground Colombian drug cartel, according to sources. You’re probably thinking that we’ve confused you with all of this information and that this innocent-looking man could be implicated in such heinous crimes, but trust us when we say that his looks are completely misleading and deceiving. It’s gotten to the point where we’re afraid to write about him for fear of receiving a threatening call from his cartel, but as writers and researchers, it’s our biggest job to keep our readers informed of what’s going on.

His linkages with several organizations

As we go, we should discuss the service quality for which Domestic Limited Liability Company was widely recognized. In reality, this organization was founded on key ideals and principles in order to give its clients with secure investment possibilities that would increase their operating margins. Consumers were falsely persuaded that their earnings would improve, but what they didn’t realize at the time was that the corporation and its leaders, including Avraham, had just one purpose in mind: to obtain funds from potential investors at any cost. We understand that you’re probably wondering why he and his company did such a heinous act, but the reality is that for a long time, he was considered as the one who wanted to make lots of money without caring whether what he was doing was lawful or not. The offences he committed were unquestionably illegal, as the US state regulatory officials collected him from where he was sheltering and evicted him from United States premises. People who invested in him lost everything, and word on the street is that he was never sincerely ashamed of the actions and crimes he committed. Domestic Limited Liability Corporation was not his sole organization; he also controlled or had affiliations to a number of other firms that he established and has a track record of declaring bankruptcy and registering a new corporation every few years. According to sources, he was just using these organizations as a sham to convert his unlawful money to white money and for money laundering. Other transactions he had with Colombian drug traffickers were revealed after his accounts were taken. His ties to Colombian criminal organizations were subsequently established when he sought sanctuary in Colombia and joined them after being deported.

End of the line for Avraham

His activities and atrocious behaviors dragged his firm to its knees, forcing him to declare bankruptcy, not only for one company, but for all the companies registered under his name. This was due to the fact that as soon as people learned what he was up to, his investors began to withdraw their investments, causing him to hit rock bottom. This did not satisfy his need for money, but rather intensified it. This need for more, along with all of the complaints made against him, prompted the US State regulatory authorities to interfere, and after learning what he was up to, they launched a manhunt against him. He owns millions of dollars in the United States to individuals who are just interested in getting their hands on him, but they won’t be able to do so because he is now working for and protected by a Colombian drug gang. His final months in America were a disgrace, as he spent the majority of his time shifting locations, concealing and sheltering from both the public and US state regulatory officers, knowing that if he was detected, he would face a life term in prison. However, once he was arrested, the regulatory department had other plans for him, including deporting him and never allowing him to re-enter the country. What we term the end of the line is actually the beginning of something fresh for him. According to the investors to whom he owed billions of dollars, he should have been imprisoned rather than released. As a result, he became known as the “jailbird freed loose.” 


Keeping a safe distance from people like Avraham is a good idea for the community. During the past few years, he has led a huge number of people to significant losses, and he has no plans to stop and as the adage goes, once a liar, always a liar. In this circumstance, if you’re a criminal once, you’re a criminal forever. Do not believe anything you hear about potential investment opportunities in his name or from authorities who are directly or indirectly related to him. Yes, this has been going on because he has left America but has officials all around the country who are still working for him.