Are you shopping online for electronic devices? You can get your desired electronic gadgets from an online shop. This website is for you. This site offers fantastic electronic products. This page was published in the United States .

This article will cover Avnet electronics Reviews. We will focus on all information regarding the products of the website to establish its legitimacy. Please visit the blog for further information.

What does mean?

This is a wonderful shopping website. It offers a variety of unique electronic gadgets. The website offers a wide range of electronic products. Their products are very durable and have excellent quality. This web portal is a website that sells online. It is therefore important to identify Is Avnet Electricals Legit, or if it is a scam website. –

  • Domain’s
  • Domain development date: Website was built on 22/05/1990.
  • Site’s lapsed date: On 23/05/2024, the website will expire.
  • Address of Email:
  • This web portal’s exact location is2211 South 47th Street. Phoenix, AZ USA 85034, is the address of the company’s headquarters.
  • Delivery delay: It ships the order within a reasonable period of time.
  • Details about free delivery: Not much information is given about the free delivery.
  • Standard deliveryUnder Avnet electronic Reviews, it offers standard shipping service for its orders.
  • Call for Support:+8675521845922, +86755218459233, +604/6168180, and +604/6168181 to locate the webpage.
  • Owner information The name of the owner is not listed, but there are many director’s names.
  • Accounts on Social Platforms –Twitter Youtube Facebook and logos can be found on its webpage.
  • Time to Return: The return service information is not provided.
  • Payment options: Master Card, UnionPay, Visa, etc. –

  • It shared its company address, which was required.
  • It is available on many social sites.’s disadvantages

  • It does not offer free shipping for its products.

Is Avnet electronics legitimate or a sham webpage?

There are many electronic gadgets and tools on the website, but it is vital to understand every detail before you buy any of their products. These points will help you assess the legitimacy of the site.

  • The existence, or lack thereof, of this webpage: This webpage was built on 22/05/1990.
  • The trust rank:The trust rating of this web portal’s website is exceptional, approximately 96%.
  • Rate of duplicate contents: Site’s copy rate is 66%
  • Discount available: It is not possible to provide any details about the discount offer.
  • Email worthiness A legit email address has been provided by the website.
  • Social Platform existence: Please follow Avnet Electronics, Twitter Youtube, Facebook and Youtube logos.
  • The web address is2211 South 47th Street Phoenix, AZ, USA 85034.
  • Exchange order:There is no information on this exchange service.
  • Return costs: This website doesn’t provide information about return charges.
  • Alexa rank global: This web portal is at #43789 in Alexa’s global rank.
  • Nonreturnable goods There are no details about nonreturnable products.
  • Refund time No details on refund service are available on its website.
  • Terms of Service and Policies: This site has many distinct pages that can be used to define policies and terms.

Avnet Electronics Reviews:

There are no customer reviews on the website about this product. The global Alexa rank for the webpage is #43789. While it has several social platform logos on its homepage (including mixed reviews), there are not many reviews available on social networks.


The website has great experience with online product selling. Many buyers are looking for the products. The website’s trust ranking is high. The web portal is also available on different social platforms. But, the Avnet Electronics reviews show mixed reviews of online sites.