Fall Sales Notice: We have lived in a time when we cannot imagine life without technology. Technology helps humans in everything from communication to rescue and cleaning to cooking. We use technical gadgets and equipment.

But, the cost of these gadgets and equipments is relatively high, so not everyone can afford them. Here we have a website for UK residents to get these devices at a lower price than other websites.

But we know that many people try to defraud innocent and needy people by selling cheap products. But with good knowledge of the website, customers will be aware of scam sites. Let us help you understand this website.

A few lines on the fall sales

This website is an online store of gadgets and equipment for taking care of a home. From there, you can buy mobile phones, robot vacuums, car washes, leaf blowers, tower heaters, grass trimmers, fireplaces, battery chargers, and more. In addition, all products are for sale. Besides, to get legitimacy on any website, we have to go through reviews. Let us explore it through Autumn Sales Reviews.

Description of the fall sales

Here we get the following details from the website.

• URL: For home equipment and electronic gadgets, click https://autumnsales.co.uk/.

• Website age: We do not receive any details on the creation date and age of the domain during website analysis.

• Products available: Buyers can buy Car Wash, Dry Leaf Blower, Tower Heater, Grass Trimmer, Wood Pits, Xiamoi Mi 10 Pro 5g, LG Velvet 5G, Irobot Vacuum, 80 volt battery and many other products.

• Product Details: In the product details you will find the relevant details about the item. There you will find information on product dimensions, safety details, energy consumption, temperature details, automatic modes and other technical details of the products. Let’s explore it further via Fall Sales Reviews for Website Policies.

• Contact details: For communication with customers, this website uses an email server which is [email protected].

• Phone Number: For product details and updates, customers can call +410606902446.

• Delivery Details: This website takes two weeks for free delivery to UK.

• Refund terms: Customers can return products for refund within the first 30 days from the date of receipt.

• Social media: the products of this website, you can share them on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

• Bill Payments: Customers can pay by Visa, Master Card and American Express.

• Newsletter: to receive the first email with information on new products and offers, you can subscribe to the newsletter.

Positive aspects of the fall sales

We get the following positives when analyzing the online store through the Fall Sales Reviews.

• Connection of this website obtains the security of HTTPS to make payments securely.

• It has its terms and conditions for refund and return of products.

Negative aspects of the fall sales

• First of all, it does not mention its physical presence location and the locations of its stores on its website.

• This online tech store does not have any social network account on the social platform.

• He does not have the possibility to review his products in the description.

• The products on the website are limited.

• It has negative reviews on the Internet platform regarding its services.

Is Autumn Sales co uk the legitimate store?

While analyzing this tech store via Fall Sales Reviews, we have yet to get its website creation date, expiration date, and internet registration. It may still be a new store. Additionally, it has limited items for sale on the website and has some drawbacks. Also, the appearance of this store is questionable as it does not have the opportunity to review its products on its website. So, it is possible that it is not a legitimate store.

Customer feedback

When analyzing, we get limited reviews from the internet, but most of the customer reviews are negative. Customers who bought there were not satisfied and complained about its services. They say they have no products and wait almost a month and complain about misleading information. Additionally, they said the tracking details were fake details.

Final verdict

In the fall sales reviews we find that the website has a questionable interface and a lot of downsides. In addition, customer opinions are not good either. So we suggest that you look for other options rather than this one, for more details please contact us through the comments section.