Entertainment in Australia is very numerous and varied. Each traveler decides for himself which of them will be to his liking.


If you like wildlife and relaxation, we advise you to visit national parks and wildlife reserves in Australia, as well as watch the magnificent natural scenery of ponds and natural formations, walk on one of the popular routes of hiking, take a ride on the magnificent ferry, go on tours of historical and cultural sites in Australia, see different museums, as well as do not leave without attention interesting castles, botanical gardens, parks, and mountains.

For those who love all the beautiful and cultural offers go to the Sydney Opera House. And of course let’s not forget about the wonderful sunny beaches, surfing, and diving. But first things first.

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Are Australians not industrious?

Many tourists and immigrants who have just arrived in Australia feel that Australians are overly relaxed and even lazy. However, this is not the case. Australians love to work and pursue a career.

But whether it’s the world around them or their government’s loyalty, Australians don’t just treat life as a day-to-day pursuit of success and making money, unlike their fellow Americans.


They live by the principle of daily enjoyment and getting maximum positive emotions from communication with close people, doing sports, and participating in festivals and various amateur competitions. Work for them is not their whole life, but just a part of it.

How do I make money in Australia?

Australia has a Skilled Occupation List (SOL), a list of occupations that are in demand. It is compiled annually by government organizations and published on the official website. These jobs in Australia will be in demand in the coming years.

  • Management. Australians need directors and managers in all areas: agriculture, business, education, tourism, and entertainment.
  • Engineering and Industry. As engineers, surveyors, mine surveyors, mechanics, and draftsmen, the industry is booming in Australia, which means jobs in these occupations aren’t hard to come by.
  • Medicine. Australia needs nurses, psychotherapists, gastroenterologists, physiotherapists, dentists and assistants, cardiologists, and neurosurgeons with a medical degrees. People are needed who will work in chemical laboratories, develop drugs, and conduct research.
  • Education and upbringing. Schools and universities need elementary school teachers and teachers with master’s degrees. Kindergartens and private employment for families need babysitters and nannies. Higher wages are available for people who are trained to work with children with hearing, vision, and speech impairments.
  • Tourism, entertainment, and the IT industry. There are job opportunities in Australia as a programmer, web developer, internet environment designer, and systems analyst. The tourism industry requires operators, sommeliers, hotel hostesses, interpreters, guides, and tour guides.

Some news about Australian celebrities you may find here: https://www.cnn.com/2022/08/08/entertainment/olivia-newton-john-obit/index.html

Australians and Americans. What is the difference?

Comparing Australia and the United States in terms of socio-demographics helps to better understand the history of settlement and development of these territories. By and large, the modern populations of both countries are the descendants of former migrants from Europe, who actively moved here in search of a better life during the XIX and XX centuries. Both the United States and Australia are mostly populated by natives of England, Scotland, and Ireland.

The population of the United States is 15 times greater than the population of Australia. The rate of migration growth of the U.S. population is 0.3% a year, while Australia’s is almost 0.8%.

Americans and Australians have very different mentalities. Although there are some similarities. Americans are very patriotic and practical. They smile a lot and try to be optimistic all the time. Modern America is characterized by a high degree of division of labor. This means that every American is a professional in his or her field. For example, they can fix major appliances, but they will never change the oil in their cars. After all, there are car service centers for that!

Australians are very hard-working, unpretentious, and friendly people. They love and respect their country, but do not show excessive fanaticism. There is no xenophobia in Australia. Any nation can peacefully coexist here. The very concept of “foreigner” in this state is almost devoid of any meaning.


We could talk about Australia for a long time, but as they say, better to see once than hear 100 times. Therefore, if you decide to go to this magical country of Oz, the date of the trip is better to choose based on your goals. You can see the Great Barrier Reef at any time of the year with the caveat that from October to May there is a lot of jellyfish. Tasmania is best visited from December to February when all the national parks are open. The Southwest – from September to May, when the weather is as dry and warm as possible. Central Australia, on the contrary, should not be visited during this time, as temperatures can reach 40 degrees centigrade even in the shade. In the tropics, in the north of the continent, it’s best to vacation from May to September, when there is minimal rainfall. But you can come to Sydney all year round: The weather is dry and windless enough, and the average air temperature reaches +20 to +23 degrees.

So that’s how different and mysterious Australia is.