The following is a guide only on Australian GP salary figures, different situations can mean each circumstance might be a little different and not exactly what is outlined below.

GP potential earnings vary

The possible earnings of an Australian GP depends on the way they work here. They work as individual contractors essentially meaning they are like business owners they do not receive salaries as in most other countries. Here the GP will bill Medicare a fee depending on the patient, the type of consultations and how many they see. A percentage of that fee is then paid to their practice as a fee for their service. They are then responsible for paying taxes to the ATO and they have to choose a method of saving for their retirement. An Australian GP salary Australia takes into consideration the following;

  1. Their pay rate. Different practices have different rates, usually falling between 65 and 75 %. Seeing patients in the weekend or evenings brings a higher percentage.
  2. How many hours they work. 32 to 40 hours a week is considered full-time and anything under that part-time.
  3. The type of patient consultations undertaken. The reimbursement varies spending on how complex the patient’s needs are, the procedure undertaken and how time is spent with them.
  4. How many consultations do they do? In general, a GP will see 4 to 6 patients an hour.

Setting consultation fees

The AMA (Australian Medical Association) has a guideline for consultation fees but it is not binding and the government does not regulate it. A GP in Australia can set their own prices. On average a patient will pay $42 for a consultation.

Improved work-life balance in Australia

One of the big reasons GPs move to Australia to work is that it has one of the best stats for doctors having a good work-life balance. Here you will find that over three-quarters of GPs work just a regular 35 to 40 hour week. Almost half of female GPs work 30 to 39 hour weeks. Over 62% of male GPs work 40 to 45 hours a week and these hours include everything, patient consultations, paperwork, meetings and so on.

Average GP earning

Based on surveys onAustralian GP salaryaverages most that work full-time will earn between $200,000 to $350,000 a year. But GPs can take that up significantly to over $500,000 if they choose to work more shifts, work weekends and evenings and manage chronic patients and such. After taxes, this means if you are earning $200,000 a year that is $2,600 weekly. $350,000 is $4,230 a week and $400,000 is $4750 a week.

Working as a GP in Australia

When you first come to Australia you may find that in your first 12 months your earnings are lower than the above averages. This is because it will take several months to get settled, set up or join a practice and build up a patient base. Your earnings depend on the number of patients the practice sees. After that first year with a loyal patient following, you should see yourself approaching the above kind of earnings.