AT&T Sweepstakes Scam: AT&T is the leading mobile network provider in the United States with millions of satisfied consumers. Consumers see no reason to change their network as prepaid users receive different benefits all year round. But some users want to know if it’s a scam or not.

Lotteries are the last chance for users to get various benefits by joining the program. Users can join Black Future Makers and win the grand prize. Winners are selected monthly from March 2021 to December 2021.

Winners are likely to receive up to $ 10,000 in cash prizes and other branded products.

What is the AT&T lottery?

Before we understand the AT&T lottery scam, let’s find out what AT&T lotteries are.

AT&T Lotteries is the company’s rewards program for prepaid users. In addition to a solid network, affordable plans, and a variety of phone choices, users in the United States love to use AT&T in their lottery program.

Last year over the holiday season, prepaid users won smartphones and prepaid cards worth $ 100 each week. Annual prepaid lotteries are held every year during the holiday season and allow users to win various prizes and even cash prizes.

The Future Lottery Program is a Black Future Makers 2021 class designed to celebrate the Black Future Markers List culture in the future. Ten entrants are selected as future creators and added to the winners list. The top prize will be chosen monthly from March 2021. Until December 2021. But people want to know if it’s an AT&T Sweepstakes scam or a legit program.

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How to participate in the AT&T lottery?

Users 18 years and older can participate in the AT&T lottery. Users must follow a few simple steps to complete the registration process and join the program to win prizes.

• Users must visit the official website of the rewards program

• Answer three multiple choice questions related to services

• Fill in the application form with your personal details

• Apply to participate in the lottery program

• You do not need to enter the correct answer to join the program

Every week, winners are randomly selected and notified via registered email. Winners must submit an IRS W9 Form and a Compliance Statement to the sponsor within two days of receiving e-mail notification. However, you need to be vigilant as not all notifications are genuine, and users need to verify that they are false or legal before claiming their reward.

Are AT&T lotteries a scam or legal?

We analyzed previous AT&T lotteries and found that many websites are promoting their services and reward programs. Besides, AT&T is a trustworthy company and therefore their lotteries are not a scam. So we cannot consider it a scam.

However, some fraud companies may send you a notification email to retrieve your personal information, so you must reply to these emails after thorough verification. However, the AT&T lottery is not a scam.


The company regularly hosts AT&T lotteries and allows prepaid users to win a variety of prizes and cash prizes. But people are confused as to whether AT&T Sweepstakes Scamor is legal due to receiving fake news and notifications.

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However, this is not a scam as lotteries are from a reliable and trusted company and therefore cannot be considered a scam. Besides, many sites promote a rewards program. Have you ever participated in the AT&T lottery? If so, please share your experiences with the readers in the comments section.


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