Wordle lovers: Welcome! I hope you are busy looking for the answer yesterday’s Wordle 345. Most people have been scrolling online looking for answers. If so, then you have come to the right place.

Wordle has a large following in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. The word puzzle is simple, but people get confused when trying to find the right word. This article Atomy Definition will clarify your situation.

Wordle 345 solution and hints.

People are trying to figure out the right word, but get stuck with the grey color in the boxes. Let me provide some hints to help you solve this puzzle.

Answered by Wordle 345:

  • The word begins with the letter “A”.
  • Two vowels are used in the word.
  • The meaning of this word is “a tiny island”.

Most of us are confused with Atomy or Atole. Merriam-Webster defines Atomy as a small particle.

Let me let go of your anxiety. Wordle 345’s correct answer is “ATOLL”. Atoll stands for a coral-shaded island that is shaped in a circle.

This word is now being searched on the internet most often to find its meaning. Players have managed to solve the puzzle on average with 3.7 points.


Wordle is an interactive game that word-lovers can play online. New York Times published the game. The Atomy Define article focuses on yesterday’s Wordle Answer. The best way to twist your brain is to play the game.

Josh Wardle (the game developer) reveals every puzzle at midnight every night. The player can get started by cracking the puzzle.

How can you play Wordle?

Every game has its own rules. Wordle, too, has its rules to help players who are limited in time. Let’s now learn the rules for playing the game.

  • Players must guess five letter words in order to solve the puzzle.
  • Each player is given six chances to guess correct words.
  • Each attempt will see a change in the colour of the tiles.
  • The green colour of the tile means that your guess was correct. The yellow colour tile means that your guess is correct, but not in the right spot. While the grey colour tile shows that your guess is totally wrong.

This is the spinoff of Wordle.

We present you the alternative Wordle game.

Waffle To win the game, the player must correctly guess six hidden words from five letters. The player is limited to 15 attempts to win.


The Atomy Definition article contains information about Wordle, its gameplay, and the rules. By reading the hints, you can solve yesterday’s mystery. The answer is found here.