Athleisure is the comfortable aesthetic blurring the line between the clothes you wear to the gym and those you wear to the café. It has recently become embedded in the fashion world and your closets. In just a matter of years, athleisure has gone from a trend to a huge lifestyle.

Are you new to athleisure? Maybe your regular uniform is composed of a bomber jacket and leggings. Whatever the case, we will help you create the ideal athleisure closet that is filled with pieces from some of the best brands out there.

  • Trendy joggers

Are there times when you like to wear pajamas but want to look put together simultaneously? Well, this is where joggers come to the rescue. Choose drawstring lounge pants that are dreamy-soft, finished with mesh cuffs and trim. You can pair it with the right shoes (sandals or flat sneakers). It’s totally fine to wear in public!

  • An easy-on dress

Are you considering heading straight to dinner after your gym mesh or a yoga class? All you need is a chic, easy-on dress that could slip over your leggings and sports bra. You can also bring a pair of botties inside your gym bag to finish the outfit. Lole and Mountain Hardware are two brands that surely deliver, especially for comfy, casual, and cute dresses that look stunning anywhere.

  • The perfect shoes

Your vibrant cross-trainers or running shoes will look amazing with your leggings out on the street after a rigorous exercise or workout. However, are you one of those who like to level up your entire outfit? Why don’t you wear a pair of casual, low-profile shoes or booties?

Whether you are going to the gym or not, these shoes are your best bet for a fashionable finishing touch. Sanuk and Columbia Sportswear provides a wide array of comfortable footwear choices that look amazing with athleisure clothes.

  • Warm accessories for the cold season

You can take advantage of the cold to spice up your style game. Casual scarves, low-profile beanies, and chunky-knit winter hats perfectly match the athleisure profile of fashionable function. DaKine, Chaos, and SmartWool are all amazing brands to consider if you look for comfortable winter accessories with style.

For your eyewear, you can consider the Oversized Balenciaga BB0040S Sunglasses for that complete athleisure look.

  • A lightweight vest or jacket

Did you know that a lightweight pullover or jacket with a distinct style element to it like flattering seaming, an asymmetrical zipper, or quilting takes your workout top to the next level? Make sure you consider brands such as RBX, The North Face, or lucy for some promising choices.

  • Joggers and leggings

Remember that your first must-have for that chic athleisure wardrobe, which could go from gym to street, is a great pair of joggers or leggings. Choose black leggings as they are a versatile option. However, with all the fun options accessible, why go plain?

You can find leggings with colorful prints, cutouts, mesh insets, and side panels that bring comfortable, functional leggings to an entirely new level for women—men and women like joggers for their stylish functionality and casual and comfy appeal.

Both joggers and leggings look amazing with your favorite cross-training, low-cut ankle socks, or running shoes.

  • V-neck tee

V-neck tees are surely versatile. That makes them a must-have athleisure essential. You can comfortably snag in basic white and get a couple of colors to punch various outfits. The much buttery soft you pick, the better.

  • Drawstring shorts

Drawstrings were all over the Spring 2018 runaways, and for an amazing reason—it is extremely flattering. You can now display your beautiful figure with a pair of high-waisted drawstring shorts. You can also go for a tucked-in shirt. After the warm weather hits, a cute crop top would do.

  • Slide sandals

When the warm weather approaches, it’s time that you let those toes see the light of a day. In that case, make sure you swap out your strappy sandals for a more versatile and sportier slide-on pair. What’s more, you can go locker-room chic along with plastic slides in white and black stripes. You can also upgrade a bit with a neutral suede pair.

Whatever you pick, those shoes are an excellent option for that casual look.

  • Vibrant tank

A bright tank is excellent for layering and an excellent way to include a pop of color in your entire ensemble. Pick a breathable material so that top can work for brunch or the gym. You can also kick up the sportiness vibe by opting for a racerback style.

  • Crewneck sweatshirt

Did you know that crewneck sweatshirts make everyone feel like old-school collegiate athletes? The best part about that is we are totally into it. This classic wardrobe essential has made a big comeback just recently.

You can wear one with your favorite jeans for that casual weekend outfit, or you can pair that up with a flirty skirt for that cute date night look.

  • Denim jacket

A denim jacket is surely the epitome of laid-back style. You will find thousands of different versions of jean jackets in the market, making it simple to find out what is suitable for you. If you are styling your jean jacket, remember that it is all about the fit.

Pick a more fitted cropped style over a dress. However, you can also go for a slouchy jacket into a big fit for a casual topper to throw on over that yoga gear.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, wearing athletic wear no longer suggests you have given up on style. Indeed, athleisure has been touted as lazy at times. Still, athletic brands have massively stepped up their entire game when we talk about technical and style benefits of fitness wear to stay at the top of the multi-million dollar industry.

The best athleisure closet provides the comfort, tech, and style you need to transition into the new season positively. We hope you find this guide fun and informative. So, are you ready to nail your athleisure style?