When you host a party, you desperately wish to make it a memorable one. Music plays a critical role in making these events joyful, full of life, and enjoyable. 

Therefore, when you pick the best quality party speakers to turn the mood of celebration on, choose carefully. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before investing in party speakers. 

Is The Speaker Portable?

Portability is one of the most critical factors that you should consider before buying speakers for hosting a party. No matter the venue of your gathering, if you have a portable device, you can carry it to any destination. 

Sometimes, people buy large and heavy sound devices difficult to carry and transport to places like sea beaches, poolsides, etc. You cannot always plan your parties and celebration within the boundaries of your room or house. 

You can plan to have a party in the backyard, on the rooftop, in the jungle nearby, or at a friend’s place. Portable devices will make the task of carrying it to any place easier and effortless. Therefore, make sure to buy portable devices. 

Can You Connect It Via Bluetooth?

Long wires can be one way of connecting the speaker with a music-playing device. However, this traditional arrangement can be hassle-some and tedious. Especially if you have to place the entire setup out in the garden or somewhere far from the power supply point, wires can be a messy choice. 

Go wire-free for your party speakers and choose the Bluetooth alternatives. However, checking Bluetooth connectivity is not always enough. 

You should also focus on the version of Bluetooth technology integrated with the device. Always opt for the latest version to ensure glitchless performance and seamless connectivity. 

Is The Speaker Waterproof?

Wire-free speakers resistant to water are always the best choice. If you ever host a party by the beach or a pool, the risk of damaging the speaker will remain high if you skip this feature. 

Waterproof devices make sure that you can use them anywhere without bothering about a sudden splash of rain or wave. You will also find dust-proof party speakers in the market that are perfect for parties. 

You should not choose the party venue based on the limitations of the sound device. Instead, you should have the liberty of selecting unusual party spots knowing that you have a waterproof and dustproof speaker. 

Even if the device slips through your hand and falls into the pool water, you just have to take it out and rinse it dry.  

Is It A Smart One?

What about keeping your friends on their toes on the dance floor through the night? The idea surely seems exciting but the number of tracks required for such a long-time engagement needs to be huge as well. 

Carrying a pen drive loaded with numerous tracks can be one solution. For a more flexible choice, opt for smart speakers that can connect with Alexa, Siri and other AI-powered algorithms. 

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