If you have just been involved in a car accident, the actions you take in the first 24 hours after the crash occurs could have a big impact on the amount of compensation you are able to receive. Many people wonder if they need to get in touch with an attorney right away. Any car accident injury lawyer in San Antonio will tell you that the sooner you reach out, the better they can assist you.

Why You Should Call a Car Accident Injury Lawyer in San Antonio as Soon as Possible

In addition to negotiating with the liable insurance company to win as much money as possible for you, one of your lawyer’s biggest contributions will be providing legal advice. If you need to get in touch with a lawyer right now, you can visit this page.  

The sooner your lawyer can start giving you information on how to respond to the accident, the more pitfalls you can avoid. For example, a good lawyer will make sure you are aware that if you need to file a claim against your own insurance policy, you may need to report the accident within 48 hours. Here are some other reasons why contacting a lawyer early can increase your chances of walking away with a settlement:

You Will Get Information on How to Document Your Injuries

Many people make the mistake of avoiding the ER after a car accident, especially if they believe they did not sustain any injuries. Your lawyer will advise you to get seen by medical professionals on the same day as the crash.

In addition to giving the doctors a chance to check you for medical conditions that might develop later, your ER visit will create a record of your injuries that could become an important source of evidence. Your lawyer can advise you on making sure critical aspects of your condition are noted in your medical history. He or she will also give you information on how to request your medical records.

Your Lawyer Can Tell You How to Handle Communications

Until your case is resolved, it is very important to use discretion when discussing the details of the accident. Many parties, including the other driver, the claims adjuster, and representatives of your own insurance company will jump at the opportunity to use your statements against you.

As soon as you have a lawyer, he or she can handle most of the exchanges with the other side. If you do ever need to communicate with another party directly, your lawyer will coach you on your statements. For example, you may run into the claims adjuster at the scene of the accident. Your lawyer will make sure you are aware that you are not obligated to answer any of the adjuster’s questions or sign any documents.

Working With a Lawyer Saves Time

While the legal system is designed to give people who have been injured a fair recourse for pursuing compensation, the process of submitting a claim is not always straightforward. Some key questions that may come up after a car accident are:

Where should I submit my claim if multiple drivers were at fault?

Should I pursue a settlement from the other driver’s insurance company or the car manufacturer?

What if the accident was caused by a self-driving vehicle?

If any passengers were injured, where should they submit their claims?

Can I still submit a claim if I am partially to blame?

How can I file a lawsuit if my claim is rejected?

These are just some of the questions that impact your case. A car accident injury lawyer in San Antonio will be able to identify who is eligible for a settlement and which parties could be found accountable. Making informed decisions on how to move forward can help you settle your case without making costly errors.

Your Lawyer Can Help You Decide When to Accept a Settlement

The insurance company that is responsible for paying your damages might try to settle with you for less than you are entitled to receive. Unless you review your offer with a lawyer who knows what amount is appropriate given your right to claim losses like medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages, you run the risk of settling for less than you deserve.

Reaching out to a lawyer immediately after the accident will assure you of having a trained set of eyes to review settlement offers as soon as they come in. If your lawyer feels an offer is too low, he or she can negotiate for an increase.

While you may feel overwhelmed in the immediate aftermath of a car accident, it pays to make finding a lawyer one of your top priorities. Not only will you receive valuable advice in time to avoid costly errors, but your lawyer can also help you focus on your recovery by handling the most time-consuming aspects of your fight for compensation. The ultimate goal in the claims submission process is to get you enough money to cover all of your damages.