Asana software is a very popular web-based platform for managing projects and more. Before we dive into the specifics of this software and its features, we want to tell you about the company and software in general. The software was launched in 2008 by the company of the same name and since then has become a household name. The software became immensely popular because of its easy-to-use interface which allows for the smoothest experience in project planning. 

In this Asana review, we will be telling you everything you need to know about this software; from Asana features to Asana pricing plans; we will go over everything relevant to the software to help you come to a conclusion about the software! 

Best Asana Features

To-Do List 

The first feature we want to talk about in this Asana review is the to-do list feature. This feature allows you to make extensive to-do lists for your projects or day-to-day activities as a business. The to-do lists you make on Asana can be recurring as well. You can choose when the to-do list will recur; whether it is in a week, a month, or even a year. This helps you save a lot of time because you no longer have to remake the same to-do lists all the time and can merely set a recurrence timeline for them! 


The timelines feature in Asana software really allows you and your team to manage your project well. This feature allows you to make a timeline for your project which can be viewed by everyone working on the project so everyone is on board and up to date with everything. You can map out a timeline for what steps need to be taken for your software. You can split the project into smaller tasks which can then be assigned to individual team members, everyone on the team is able to see which team member is responsible for which part of the project and when they are expected to complete it. This feature helps keep a lot of transparency in the entire process. 

Easy Assigning 

The next feature we want to tell you about in this Asana review is the easy assigning feature. This feature helps you to make things easier by allowing you to assign everyone work on the software itself which helps keep a lot of transparency and also keeps your work at a minimum. You are able to use the software to make assignments for your team members, instead of having to call individual meetings for everyone in your team and telling them one by one what they are in charge of; you are able to assign everyone to work on the software and the team members can refer to the tasks at their own leisure. 

Web and Mobile App 

The great thing about Asana software is that it is so easy to use and also convenient to use as well. The software has a wonderful web and mobile app which you can enjoy as you please. The web app for Asana software is very popular because of how user-friendly it is and allows users to access it from anywhere in the world. Similarly, the mobile app is also very user-friendly and allows users to be able to use it on the go and be up to date with their work on their phone. The web and mobile app make the software very convenient to use which is very important for any good software in this day and age. 

Simple Templates 

In this Asana review, we want to tell you about the templates feature in this software. The templates in Asana software helps you to make project planning a lot easier. The software has a repository of templates available which you can browse through and choose from. You are able to choose a template that you think will match your needs best. This helps you to ensure that you are using a template that suits your needs. These templates make your work a lot easier; you only need to input your details into the template as it exists! 

Asana Pricing 

In terms of Asana pricing, you are probably curious since the cost of software is important to whether you will purchase the software. Asana pricing is as much as you would expect software of this level to cost. The software costs about $10.99 a month per user for the paid version. But there is also a free version of Asana, however, you can only access a very limited number of features with this version. 

Is Asana Ideal for Your Needs? 

Now you are probably wondering whether Asana is right for you. We are sure this Asana review will have made your decision easier but we can help make it even more simple for you. We suggest making a list of features your ideal project management software will have. We then suggest you compare this list to the features in Asana software.  

We also suggest you read as many Asana reviews left by users online. This is because with user reviews you are able to know what the long-term experience with software is for any regular user. 

We also suggest you ask for an Asana demo or Asana trial. This will help you conclude whether the software is what you have been looking for since you will have seen the software in action firsthand. We are sure whatever decision you make about the software will be the right one!