The biggest advantage of artificial jewelry is that you have a special choice, you can wear your favorite jewelry with any outfit. When it comes to artificial jewelry designs, they highlight our ancient cultural heritage. The popularity of artificial jewelry can also be gauged from the fact that the class that can afford to wear gold and diamond jewelry is now beautifully superficial as well. Even they prefer to wear artificial jewelry wholesale. The reason for this is the experiments being made in the manufacture of artificial jewelry which we can also call modern jewelry.

Countries Prominent in Jewelry Manufacturing

There is a lot of work being done on artificial jewelry in neighboring India. Besides, Chinese, Thai, Turkish and Indian jewelry are very popular in our country. Now even local jewelry is being made in large quantities in Pakistan. Chinese jewelry is beautiful and very brighter but it is temporary made kind of disposable somehow. The shine of Thai jewelry is slightly less than that of Chinese jewelry but the jewelry is durable and Indian jewelry is also very popular in Pakistan. Artificial gold plated jewelry is considered durable as shopkeepers guarantee it. In this regard, Lahore’s busy jewelry market is Liberty. Shopkeepers working in artificial jewelry say that it is a fact – if the price of gold goes up, then artificial jewelry will sell a lot.

Priority to Artificial jewelry Over Gold jewelry

The demand for gold also increases, but it is also a fact that even if the price of artificial jewelry gold has not increased, women still wear it with great enthusiasm. In Artificial Jewelry, the priority for women is forehead bands, bracelets, bracelets, thorns, earrings, and heavy earrings, bracelets with support, three-step earrings, Jhumkas’ earrings, Round Bali earrings, Customized earrings, bracelets, Kundan necklaces, Bohemian necklaces, bracelets, bangles and Chunkier bracelets. Gold plated jewelry is considered durable in artificial as shopkeepers also guarantee it.

Expected Price Range of Various Artificial Jewelry in Asia

But it is very expensive. Sets ranging from Rs.50, 000 to Rs.80, 000 are also available in gold plated. It is up to the women to choose how much they want to make the set. Kandan jewelry is very much in fashion, Kundan jewelry used to be made in gold but now the artificial is being prepared, its light set is available at Rs.15, 000 to Rs.20, 000, while the fake Kundan set is easily available at Rs.3, 000 to Rs.4, 000.

Kundan’s single bracelet is also available at Rs.5, 000 while Polki’s single bracelet is also available at Rs.10, 000. Kundan’s gold plated chandeliers are also available. Polki jewelry is also in great fashion. Available in the market at Rs.3, 000 to Rs.4, 000. Preference is being given to Kundan forehead bands in the henna ceremony.

How revolution has taken place in Jewelry by the Time?

In fact, jewelry has always been the focus of women’s interest, but with the changing times, women’s tastes and beauty have changed and according to them, there have been many changes in the likes and dislikes of their jewelry. Thus, sometimes pure gold jewelry took their place, sometimes pearl jewelry remained the center of attention of women, and sometimes jewelry with jewels was preferred. But overall, the demand for all these types in all periods is definitely never ended given the same demand for mixed jewelry.

 It can be said that there is no greater proof of women’s love for jewelry than that they can waste clothes and shoes when they are old, but not jewelry. There is no denying the importance of jewelry which has always been considered an important component in the manufacturing of women’s brain. Since the rise in gold prices, the trend of artificial jewelry has flourished. At present, artificial jewelry is being made using precious stones.

How often variation in Prices of Jewelry occur?

Artificial jewelry is available in the market from cheap to expensive. There was a time when only gold jewelry was used for wedding ceremonies but now artificial jewelry is happily used instead of gold. Every bridal will look like wearing artificial jewelry. That is why we can have a special choice in artificial jewelry. Depending on the work on the garment, you can easily choose jewelry with different colors.