This article discusses the Legitquery, and provides other pertinent details.

Is there a website or service that gives money to users in exchange for human waste? Yes, people can send their poop to this service. Users are curious about the service because of its oddity.

This service collects poop for a scientific experiment. Legit is trendy because users are concerned about its legitimacy. The United States area where this service is available are eager to verify its authenticity and legitimacy.

Information about HumanMicrobes

It is difficult to answer the question about authenticity of this service. Let’s take a closer look at the details.

  • You can find contact information for this service as well as details about the founder of the company on our website.
  • It is well-organized and offers an attractive interface.
  • Website has a positive trust score (4.3/5 on certain platforms); however, there are very few reviews.
  • Answering the question, Is Legit. Although several sources claim that the site is legitimate, there are still areas of concern.
  • Positive reviews and availability of contact information make the service seem legitimate.
  • It is still early stages of research and complex in nature.
  • Donating poop and receiving treatment via this method may have unknown complications.
  • Also, this website is not well-known and popular.

Is Legit?

Let’s first look at the relevant information below before we get into the details about this service.

  • HumanMicrobes is a donor of stool in the country. It is also involved in microbiome research.
  • According to them, the microbes in our stomach are essential in maintaining human health. The microbiome clearly demonstrates this system of microbes.
  • According to their research, collecting microbes through poop is very simple. This is why they are collecting stool from users.
  • HumanMicrobes claims that they are looking for people in the top 0.1% of health who can produce strong microbes and make it possible for them to be a subject for research.
  • Legit is growing in popularity as users in the United States (and elsewhere) are curious why this service claims it will pay for human excrete.
  • Users are skeptical about the authenticity of this service because it is so unusual. We’ll address this issue in the next section.

Final Thoughts

HumanMicrobes, a US stool donor, pays people for their poop. Their poop is an important part in microbiome research. We have answered the Legitquery above. Users are becoming more interested in its legitimacy. Learn more about HumanMicrobes.

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