Array 2 Pro headlamp is a highly rated headlamp, which was highly recommended by several reviewers in the marketplace. Array 2 Pro headlamp is one of the few mid-range LED headlamps which is available at a budget price. It is a super bright and amazingly powerful LED headlamp that you can use for night cycling. It has high-efficiency optics and a powerful RGBW LED. Moreover, it has amazing viewing angles which allow you to spot sharp details in any part of the road. Considering all these features and amazing design, the Array 2 Pro headlamp becomes one of the top products to buy in the LED headlamp category.

How Array 2 Pro Headlamp Works

Array 2 Pro headlamp is equipped with a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery with power-efficient AA batteries. Battery’s up to 7 hours, and automatically turns off when you remove the light from the wall socket. And the light will automatically turn on again when it is plugged back In. Can be easily recharged with a USB cable. LED 3.2l2 as a daytime lamp. This light has a 3-hour lifespan and can easily be charged with a USB cable, and the light comes with a USB charging cable, which makes the charging process very convenient.

Characteristics of Array 2 Pro Headlamp

Here are a few features of Array 2 Pro Headlamp:

  1. Adjustable Brightness

Array 2 pro headlamp has 3 brightness levels, but they can also be adjusted manually using the mode button on the side of the headlamp.

  1. Totally Redesigned Headlamp

The new design gives the array 2 pro headlamp a sleek look, so you can see clearly in the dark. The dual-layer lens makes it adjustable. Two colors are available – white or yellow.

  1. Built-in Light Pattern

Array 2 pro headlamp has two different colored patterns, namely, red and green. The red pattern will be more comfortable for the eyes while the green pattern makes it brighter.

  1. Affordable LED

This LED headlamp is a great choice for commuters, hiking, or camping outdoors. It has a low price, so it is affordable and will light up the way in dark conditions.

  1. Maximum Brightness

This LED headlamp will give you max brightness, while at the same time, it gives you amazing low-light brightness. It will be your companion for any trip and light up your way in the dark.

  1. Multiple Modes

The LED headlamp is equipped with a Power on the button and a Mode button, which can be used to adjust the intensity of the light. It comes with four modes – Off, Mid, High, and Spot, which can be used to improve the brightness and performance of the light.

  1. Charges fast

It has a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that will provide you with 7 hours of use, but you can also charge the battery in 2.5 hours. It can be charged by a computer or any USB port.

  1. Build Quality

The built of LED headlamp is made from multi-layer rubber, which will protect you against splashes. It is waterproof, so you can use it in any condition outdoors.

How to use Array 2 Pro Headlamp 

Turn it on by switching it on, adjusting the brightness, and enabling the timer. You can also view the battery level and how much time is left on the battery. You can quickly switch between the modes using the button on the top right of the lamp. You can adjust the intensity by pressing the power button. There is also an external button on the back of the lamp to control the intensity of the output. It has an indicator light on the front side of the lamp which indicates how much power it has left.


Array 2 Pro headlamp has come up with an innovative design, to ensure you do not miss any precious light in any condition. Setup is easy and can be done with one touch of the button. Once the lamp is plugged in and powered on, just press the mode button. You will see a preview of the settings which you can use to set the mode that is best suited to your needs. Use it anywhere you go, the simple one-button setup makes it very convenient for travel.