Did you know about the newest Netflix original film, Army of Thieves? The film will be released all over the world on October 29, 2021 by Netflix and already has received praise from critics and public reviews.

It was made from Germany in Germany and United States, the film is gaining popularity throughout India, the United KingdomIndia and other countries around the world. This is the precursor of that Army of the Dead film that was released in May 2021.

In this article, we’ll provide all the details regarding this film, as mentioned at the Army of Thieves Wiki page, and also reading reviews.

What is the Army of Thieves?

Produced by Matthias Schweighofer Army of Thieves is based on a novel written by him as well as Zack Snyder. This is the sequel of the Army of the Dead franchise and is a prequel The first movie.

The cast includes some well-known actors, including Nathalie Emmanuel Stuart Martin, Ruby O Fee, Guz Khan, and director Schweighofer himself. The film premiered on October 29, 2021, and was distributed by Netflix.

As per some details on the Internet the film can be viewed online in French, German, and English.

Synopsis As Per Army of Thieves Wiki

The movie is set six years prior to that of Army of the Dead. A bank clerk, Ludwig Dieter, is living a standard life, and is known under the name of the name he actually has, Sebastian.

The zombie outbreak has been reported in that has been reported in the world’s media. Ludwig suffers from nightmares about the zombies despite the fact that the effects of the outbreak have still to be felt in Europe.

In one of his safecracking YouTube clips, Ludwig receives an anonymous message asking him to take part in a competition similar to the one he won. Ludwig takes the prize and gets to meet Gwendoline an expert jewel theft thief. She is the mysterious woman who commented on YouTube videos.

According to the Army of Thieves Wiki article, we say here that the girl is recruited by Dieter to assist her team hack three famous safes that span across Europe. The heist team is comprised from Gwendoline, Dieter, an expert hacker (Korina) as well as the firearmsman (Brad Cage) and an escape driver (Rolph).

The ending of the film triggers certain events that link it with that of the Army of the Dead film.

Audience Reviews And Reactions

The film has generally received mixed reviews to favorable ones. The film is receiving 71% approval at Rotten Tomatoes, 6.4/10 as per IMDb and 48 Metascore according to the Army of Thieves Wiki article.

One person said that the movie was predictable and is a straightforward film to heist. At an equal time, another said that she didn’t understand how the events were happening in the film, because their world was different.

She also said that the film is uninteresting lengthy, boring, and long aside from Ludwig’s character. One user, however, said it was much more thrilling over it’s predecessor, the Army of the Dead film. The film was an enjoyable ride and an enjoyable surprise worth watching.

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Army of Thieves Wiki article discussed the new and exciting prequel to The Army of the Dead. With some of the most talented actors in the world and bringing about the happenings from Army of the Dead, viewers have both praised and criticised the film.