T-shirts are a wardrobe staple. They are versatile and young and do their best to keep you warm or cool, depending on how you style them. You can wear them casually or dress them up for a formal event. A t-shirt is a trusty companion that never lets you down and saves you when you have ‘nothing to wear’.

Armani Exchange t shirts are premium t-shirts for those who want the trust of an established brand known for its quality clothes. Made of 100% cotton, these t-shirts are built to offer an excellent fit for all body types and are suitable for both men and women. Here are some classic styling tips to help you create a handsome fit for your next event.

For Men

Contrary to popular belief, there are many different ways men can style a basic t-shirt. Some of them are:

●      The Timeless Jeans

One of the most popular ways to style a t-shirt is to wear it with jeans. It could be simple blue jeans or classy black jeans. Choose Armani Exchange tshirts in basic colours like white, black and blue to rock them with different types of jeans. A well-fitted pair of jeans has the ability to add more grace to any top. Styling black-on-black also looks extremely sleek and appealing. 

●      Bring Out the Shorts

As summer arrives, pants become shorter to beat the soaring temperatures and keep the body cool. The shorts and t-shirt combo are perfect for a casual day out or a vacation on the yacht. Wear Armani Exchange tshirts over cotton shorts in a lighter colour. Complete the outfit by wearing white sneakers or tan loafers. Accessorize the attire by adding a brown belt and some cool shades.

●      Throw on a Jacket

Jackets are trending right now. You can opt for a printed jacket and choose a t-shirt in a contrasting colour. Complete the look by adding jeans and sneakers or boots. Or else, you can wear light Armani Exchange tshirts under a jacket when the temperature dips a little. It could be a classic black leather jacket or even a denim jacket. Be sure to choose a lighter colour for the t-shirt. If you want a dark, rugged look, you can wear a black t-shirt and incorporate only black pieces for the rest of the attire. 

●      Business Casual

Formal suits are usually worn with formal shirts. If the dress code is business casual, wear a dark suit with a light-coloured t-shirt under it. Leave the buttons open for the Armani Exchange tshirts to peek through. Since we are styling business casual, you can wear fancy sneakers under the suit and match them with the colour of the t-shirt to create a symphony of colours.

●      Streetwear Swag

Stepping out of the house, wanting to look and feel comfortable? Wear an oversized t-shirt over dark joggers. Accessorize the look with your favourite sneakers, a fancy watch, and sunglasses. Put on headphones to complete the outfit.

For Women

With the different types of tops and dresses available, women often forget that the versatile t-shirt can be paired with their favourite bottoms to create elegant ensembles that make them look even more stunning.

●      Dungarees and Jumpsuits

Armani Exchange tshirts are the perfect companion to your favourite denim dungaree. When you want to layer up a little, style a baggy blue or dark dungaree with a light-coloured t-shirt. If the dungaree is lighter, wear a darker t-shirt to create a pleasing contrast. Top it off by wearing low-top sneakers. You can do the same with jumpsuits. A strappy jumpsuit can be paired with a t-shirt to give it a little extra edge.

●      Pair it with a Skirt

Armani Exchange tshirts can also be worn with a skirt. Be it a flowy maxi skirt, or a shapely mini skirt, wear a relaxed boyfriend-fit t-shirt over it and tuck it in to give it some shape. Tucking the t-shirt will also accentuate your waist. Complete the outfit by wearing elegant sandals or rugged, chunky boots based on your style. You can also throw on some necklaces for a boho-chic aesthetic.

●      Business Casual

Women can also incorporate Armani Exchange tshirts in their business casual outfits. You can wear it exactly like the men’s suit and t-shirt combo. For an even more casual outfit, wear the t-shirt tucked into some skinny jeans and put on a blazer as the formal element. Just wear a t-shirt tucked into some wide formal pants or culottes for a casual business lunch. Tucking in the t-shirt creates an hourglass shape, accentuating your figure.

●      Loungewear Meets Athleisure

A t-shirt is, more often than not, something we wear at home. If you are running out for some quick errands or to the gym but still want to put in an effort while maximizing comfort, pair Armani Exchange tshirts with joggers or bicycle shorts. A relaxed t-shirt with a comfy bottom along with sneakers is the complete loungewear-meets-athleisure ensemble. Create a messy bun, grab a gym bag, and wear sunglasses for the perfect ‘I just stepped out of the gym’ look.

●      The Easy Denim

The easiest way to style a t-shirt when you have nothing to wear is with denim jeans or shorts. There are a couple of ways you can style it. Pair an oversized t-shirt with skinny or straight-leg jeans, low-top sneakers, and a tote bag. Another method is wearing denim shorts with Armani Exchange tshirts tucked in and accessorizing them with belts, a small bag, and boots. 


As soon as summer arrives, t-shorts are out and styled in numerous ways to keep the body looking and feeling cool. If you prefer t-shirts over other kinds of tops and want to wear them every day but still want to look different, then accessorizing them properly and pairing the correct Armani Exchange tshirts with the best trousers or skirts is the key. If you want to keep wearing the most amazing fits every day, you can go online and search for the latest fashion trends, study them, try and recreate a similar look with the clothes that you have and personalize them according to your style.