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The pandemic has proven be a difficult moment for each individual. It has not just affected people physically, but also financially and psychologically, but consequently, it has caused depression in numerous people. Therefore, Calgary Counselling Centre, also known as Calgary Counselling Centre, also called CCC located in Canada is taking the initiative to aid those in urgent need.

In addition, the program helps people evaluate their health and will be run in conjunction with National Depression Screening Day through the

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What is The Event About?

The Calgary Counselling Centre of Canada has launched an online self-assessment system which is accessible to all across the globe. Anyone can take advantage of this program to get themselves evaluated on depression and mental health. The website will be available to users from the 04th of October 2021 until 10 October 2021.

All users around the world can log on to the and be tested to assess their mental and emotional wellbeing.

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More Facts on Calgary Counselling Centre

  • According to the event organizers, there’s numerous virtual events that are being held for viewers
  • They also have an open discussion with CCC or Calgary Chamber of Commerce. CCC and the Calgary Chamber of Commerce
  • Additionally, there will be an event organized by Alberta’s Business Council from Alberta

A Few Lines About Areyoufeelingok com

According to The Dr. Robbie Babins Wagner, CCC’s CEO, CCC declared that the current pandemic as well as the fourth wave of the disease have left many suffering from mental health problems. So, they’ve begun by launching a program that allows people to check your mental wellbeing online regardless of their location all over the world.

The site offers a three-minute test for depression in which you will be asked to answer basic questions. According to reports, over 10,000 people visited the website as well as the questionnaire during the previous year to find out about their depression on

What Does The Site Provide?

  • It is considered to be the first step in assessing mental health, taking into account the devastating effects of pandemics on individuals.
  • On the site, you will need first select the language of the language.
  • Participate in the test in which your name will be hidden and you will know the state of your mind.

Final Conclusion

But, it must be understood that the test does not identify the existence or lack of depressive symptoms. It will allow you a more thorough perception regarding your psychological health answering some questions of a professional on the site.

According to the source, Areyoufeelingok com is a part of Calgary Counselling Centre, it is 100% authentic and not a fraud. So, you are able to access the website with no worries.

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