Arecreationlink com Reviews: With the modernization of technology, video game creation is now at an advanced level. The modern video game feels more real than ever. Game designers use awesome graphics, effects, and sound systems to design a perfect game. Modern technical devices are required for operation, such as game stations with high storage memory and working memory.

Here we have a website which is a boon for US gamers. This website is a gaming website and offers play stations and their accessories.

But, every online marketer needs proper crawling of a website. Thus, they should realize the legitimacy of the website through website reviews.

What is Arecreationlink com?

Before exploring the website through these Arecreationlink com reviews, everyone should know the purpose of the website. This website deals with play equipment. You can buy the latest Nintendo Switches, Sony Play Stations and Xbox from this website.

In addition, it offers such products as Nintendo Switch Dock, Upgraded Wireless Controllers, Five Limited Edition Play Station, Sony 1TB Play Station 4 with Bloodborne Jet Black, Microsoft Xbox one x 1TB 5 Limited gears and many other sets and accessories.

 Plus, this website has Christmas sales and products at 70% off. Let us go ahead to find out more about Arecreationlink com reviews.

Specifications of Arecreationlink com

• URL: If you want the latest gaming station from famous companies, click

• URL creation: The domain of this site was created on December 08, 2020.

• Products: This website covers products from well-known companies such as Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft Xbox. You can buy wireless controllers, the latest gaming stations, Xboxes, game discs, Nintendo Switches, and many other gaming accessories.

• Product Details: On this website, the products are well described with warranty terms, model details, packaging details, console types, dimensions, weight, model compatibilities, types of connectivity, hardware and battery details. Further you can give Arecreationlink com star rating and reviews.

• Shipping Details: It ships to the US with a $ 10 service charge for most items. However, the delivery time varies from one to five weeks.

• Warehouse Address: This online store mentions the address of its warehouse from which it makes deliveries which are 8800 Nagle Ave, Arleta, California, 91331, USA.

• Customer service: he mentions his e-mail address and mobile phone number for customer inquiries [email protected] and 570-517-4896.

• Return and exchange conditions: This online store has fourteen days of return conditions after receipt of the products.

• Warranty: This website provides a 30 day warranty on all products and the website repairs them during this period.

• Payment methods: You can pay using Paypal, Visa, Master Card, American Express and JCB.

• Social Media: You can share the website’s product sharing on Facebook, Twitter-Mail, Pinterest and Linkedin.

Let’s discuss its pros and cons as we continue exploring through Arecreationlink com Reviews.

Advantages of Arecreationlink com

• The connection for online payments is secured by HTTPS.

• This online store mentions its return and exchange conditions on the website.

• Almost all products on the website cover the warranty conditions.

• This online store mentions the physical address of its warehouse.

• In addition, this also mentions the details of its customer inquiries.

Disadvantages of Arecreationlink com

• This website does not have an official social media account. The mention links are only sharing links.

• Warranty policies are not clear for every product.

• This online store does not have the possibility to subscribe to its updates via the newsletter.

• He does not have Arecreationlink com reviews on the internet except for his website.

• The mentioned warehouse address is misleading and used by other websites.

• Besides, customer queries from other questionable websites also use the same details.

• Exclusive product discounts create doubts about product quality.

Is Arecreationlink com legit or not?

By exploring the reviews, we get that the website is a few days old. Additionally, website reviews appear to be fake reviews as the products only show five stars without their review date. So it is not a legitimate website.

Customer reviews on Arecreationlink com

During the analysis we find that this website does not have an internet review. But he has reviews on his website that come across as fake reviews. So we don’t know that will deliver a product.

Final verdict

Although it is too new to conclude as to its legitimacy, we understand that this website is not a legitimate website and is highly suspicious and a potential scam using misleading information on the website. Moreover, his reviews are not genuine. We therefore advise you not to make your purchases.

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