Assuming that a courier company or delivery agency is looking for financially savvy ways to generate new prospective customers, make new deals and, for the most part, beat the competition, you may want to consider moving on to the best courier management software, Deliveo. Having a modern courier software for your business can be valuable in many areas of your business growth and expansion.

Certainly, in recent years the quantity and quality of courier services has changed rapidly in the marketplace. Beyond good workforce and order management, a courier company has to deal with the huge change in technology. Our operating software Deliveo, has been built with this purpose by the most sophisticated programming and web services company, Mav-IT, which is housed and pioneering in the logistics sector, in Budapest. The central interest of the company is to serve the most demanding courier and last mile delivery companies.

Your customers are one of the key pieces that Deliveo focuses on. With the demands that all your customers’ operations have, from waiting for a proper computerization to successfully upgrading an event log for each of their individual orders in your courier system, your business needs to use the freshest courier software. This helps your customers coordinate their client interface and the frameworks based on your courier software to meet their daily operations.

Deliveo offers the ability to have a unique dispatcher interface for your centralized management, a unique feature that gives you total control over all the actions of your business. It combines the ability to sort your orders with the most appropriate “live tracking” mode you can find in the modern market.

It offers features such as, assigning your packages in real time, giving you the ability to see where your company’s distributors are located, live on a google map. Enter in the “route planning” option the courier you are interested in and see the fastest and most cost-effective route for your distributor through the same platform. But our program’s capabilities don’t stop there. Deliveo has the ability, through money counting, to generate reports with all the money that passes through the hands of your employees. This serves to instantly search and report on the cash coming into your office, the orders regarding the cash on delivery that they contain and which customer they should be transferred to. All structured and neatly arranged in PDF, Excel or CSV file formats and with the ability to log changes from any Admin, so you can accurately find the movements made in your company.

The delivery software also provides the ability to create unlimited order entry accounts for all your customers. The so called “Client Interfaces” provide the possibility for your customers to create orders directly (multiple via csv file), unique via individual request and automated directly from your customer’s website, through a simple installation of a Deliveo plugin in your customers’ stores. Your customer interfaces provide your customers with their own personal API key to your customers, which is also uniquely integrated within our delivery software/ courier software, with the ability to provide individual services based on each customer’s needs.

The last functional part of our program, has to do with the licenses to use the Deliveo courier app. Here is the distributor component, with which they can have their own app to accept orders with all the packages that go through your service. They give the appropriate courier software to receive cash on delivery orders, a signature indicator from the recipient on the distributor’s mobile phone, and the ability to store photos in the files of each order a distributor receives so that you have any evidence distributed with each order in case you need it in the future. The application also provides the ability to route planning as a service at no extra cost, to ensure fast and more affordable transportation from your customers to your recipients.

Thus, we see many of the key features of our courier system.

Thank you for reading our service description. Deliveo is the most suitable courier software and we look forward to you checking it out with us: