Most commercial bathroom owners look for a durable wall-cladding solution for their shower cubicles primarily because they prefer to engage in frequent replacements and repairs. However, due to constant exposure to water spillage, high condensation, and excess moisture content, shower wall panels, especially FRP, tend to bend, warp, crack, split, or get fractured.

Irrespective of being available in different colors, the FRP panel fades away noticeably, prompting a quick replacement with a new wallboard. Unfortunately, this requires the entrepreneur to go beyond their budget limit, sometimes leading them to unstoppable stress.

Is Ditching FRP Panel the Solution to Moldy Walls?

One of the main reasons why FRP shower wall panels fail to perform as per expectation is because of their non-waterproofing abilities. They retain moisture and allow mold and mildew to form on their surface, resulting in an unhygienic and unhealthy bathroom environment. Mold growth on bathroom walls is the first sign of a doomed business. It leads to customer disappointment and a dramatic brand image fall.

The only way to get rid of old and worn-out walls is to install 100% raw-vinyl-made panels to protect them from further damage. Duramax’s PVC panels are built to last and are all quality-checked before being delivered to the clients.

Water-Resistant Panels Prevent Mold and Bacterial Growth

The biggest advantage of incorporating commercial wall panels inside shower cubicles is that they are made of 100% water-resistant materials. It doesn’t matter for how long the panels remain wet or how many times you wash them with high-pressure hose pipes; it doesn’t let you worry about moisture infiltration. The non-porous panels prevent moisture from passing through the wall surface, preventing fungal and bacterial infestation. A contamination-free bathroom isn’t only good for your business and the health of those who work there.

Vinyl Panels Maintains Optimal Sanitary Conditions of the Bathroom Interiors

The USA-manufactured PVC panels last 4-5 times longer than FRP, owing to their unmatched withstanding power against moisture, water vapor, and condensation. Even with minimal maintenance, the mold-free panels can live for 100 years without any callbacks. Since it keeps contamination and chances of mold growth at bay, it is a helpful tool in maintaining top-notch sanitary conditions in the bathroom.

It is possible to keep the bathroom spotlessly clean with PVC wall panel installation because their bright seamless finish doesn’t let microbes or dirt settle. Besides, the white panels don’t even turn yellow despite moisture exposure for a prolonged period.

Maintaining Well-Lit Bathroom is Easy

Every bathroom interior should be well-lit for the convenience of the user. Dark and damp bathrooms turn customers away and deter business from booming. With moisture-resistant plastic panels, you need not worry about investing much in lighting fixtures, thanks to their light-reflective properties. The even light distribution quality of the bright, pristine white panels works towards maintaining a well-lit atmosphere besides making the bathroom space look more spacious than before.

Plastic Panels are A Hero When it Comes to Cleaning.

One of the many reasons why PVC over the FRP wall panel is always a better choice is because they require lesser hassle during maintenance. Despite being long-lasting, the panels don’t need you to scrub them regularly to eliminate dirt or keep them clean. Instead, simple wiping using an environment-friendly solution and occasional hose-cleaning is sufficient to maintain their brand-new shine for several years.

Maintaining FRP shower panels is, however, laborious, courtesy of their rough surfaces, which makes every dirt and debris stubborn, making their elimination process time-consuming and difficult. Furthermore, they also demand chemical cleaners to stay tidy, ultimately threatening their health and aesthetics. Finally, using chemicals ruins FRP walls, robbing them of their looks or color.

Vinyl Panels Don’t Need Backers and Adhesives for Installation

The interlocking tongue and groove mechanism makes plastic panel installation quick, easy, and less stressful. It enables even unskilled laborers to get the job done. But a professional installer can accomplish the task within 7-8 hours. FRP wall panel installation, however, needs backers and adhesives, which requires an experienced mechanic’s skill. To install the FRP panels, entrepreneurs must look for more than two people for the work. However, the overall commercial wall panels installation procedure saves you 40% on labor and 50% on material costs.

Duramax is the go-to manufacturer for premium-quality PVC panels. The easy-to-clean panels are always a better alternative than FRP since the former is a one-time investment and doesn’t delaminate quickly, unlike the latter. To get a better overview of PVC panels, visit the website.