Have you been wondering how calculations are done when you spin the reel? Do you think slot sites are the ones in charge of giving you the outcome of your game? Some gamblers even think slot sites employ someone who randomly gives results to people when they play certain games at freeslotsites.

These thoughts come with the fear of losing and making money for sites with nothing to take home. The fear of being duped has planted an intuition in the mind of some gamblers that online slots are tampered with. How do you get those results you get when you play? Are they randomly generated? As long as you pragmatic play at a trustworthy and fully licensed casino, whose games are RNG built, then you have nothing to fear. 

What is RNG?

RGN simply means Random Number Generator. All online slots use RNG to determine the result of all spins. This ensures that every outcome is completely random every time. That no spin is influenced by past results, and they have the same chance of winning as the next spin that comes before or after them. 

Is Random Number Generator Really Random?

When we are talking about trustworthy online sites, then Random Number Generator is really random. But when a site can be questioned, then the results it gives should also be questioned.

A random number generator is at the heart of every online slot game. Every game has a series of numbers and different reels behind them. A 5×5 reel with numbers 1-25, for instance, few of these numbers have been designed as the winning numbers correlating with a symbol on the reel while the rest are losing numbers. So when you spin the slot, the Random Number Generator will randomly spin, and if it lands or generates the lucky number, then you hit the jackpot, and you can withdraw your earnings.

Players can spin the reel as many times as possible, and each spin differs. Whether you won or lose the first time doesn’t affect the outcome of another spin.

How Does Slot Game Variance Affect RNG?

Slot variance is very critical to this discussion as they also affect the outcome of a game. We have a low variance slot, high variance slot, and mid variance slot.

·         High Variance Slot: They are slots with high risk, and winning combinations seldomly appears with them. But when a player wins with a high variance game, it’s always a big win. This slot is for those who love taking risks.

·         Low Variance Slot: This is the direct opposite of a high variance slot. Here, winning combinations appear often but with low payouts.

·         Mid Variance Slot: This serves as the meeting point for all variances. Here, players get little chances to win big with low-paying winning lines. 


All online slots played at reliable online slot sites have an outcome generated by RNG. The only thing standing your way as a chance is whether you are playing a low variance game or a high variance game.