Heavy Duty Cardboard Boxes are the requirement for most products nowadays. It is because these are fully capable of securing the products inside the box. These are made from high thickness cardboard which ensures that no stresses damage the product. These are fully printable packages, which is why they can also be used as marketing tools. These can be manufactured in more than one customizable shape and size. A custom die-cut window can be added to the packaging to uplift its exhibition properties. These are durable and eco-friendly packages that can help a company to reduce its carbon footprint massively.

There are a lot of companies and products that are facilitated by the use of Heavy Duty Cardboard BoxesBut just like any other form of packaging, the most commonly asked question about them is that whether they are eco-friendly or not. If you have the same questions, then follow the article below. Here you will learn about the top five facts that prove their environmental friendliness. 

They are Biodegradable

The best thing about these Custom Heavy Duty Cardboard Boxes is that they are all fully biodegradable. It is because they are made from a material that is extracted from natural resources. This cardboard material is usually extracted from the wood pulp, and hence is why it is decomposable. When compared to other materials like plastic, which is a common choice for packaging, these boxes decompose quickly. Its decomposition process is a natural phenomenon and is far quicker than that of plastic. Therefore, it helps with better environmental protection. It is helpful because even if they are not industrially recycled, they can decompose on their own and would not add to waste on the planet. 

They can be Recycled.

Most of the Heavy Duty Cardboard Boxes USA can be recycled. It is because this particular material is easy to handle and can be reused for multiple purposes. In industries, the cardboard packages are cut down into smaller strips and shredded into smaller parts. Then they are transformed into wood pulp. At this stage, extra layers like a lamination layer or any tapes can be filtered out pretty easily. Then this pulp can be used to make the packages again. Or they can be used to make the custom inserts inside the box. By reusing these packages to make new boxes, the natural reserves will be safe, and it will be environmentally friendly. 

Can be Reused for Several Purposes

The recycling process is usually carried out in industries, and it is not so common in homes. So to counter this problem, people introduced many creative ideas to reuse in their homes. These packages can be used for several arts and crafts projects for the kids. Or they can be used for making house decoration items. They can also be used for organizing files and folders in an office. Also, the big sturdier cardboard packages are a common choice for people who shift homes. The extent up to which these boxes can be reused by a single individual is infinite. 

The Manufacturing Process

Companies that manufacture these Heavy Duty Cardboard Boxes Wholesale are also play9ing a good role in reducing the pollution in the environment as cardboard is a flexible material, so it does not require a lot of energy to bend it into any particular shape and size. These can be manufactured easily with less amount of energy required. Similarly, as these are print-friendly surfaces, so the prints can be made on these boxes quickly a well. They do not require heavy machinery for their production and designing purposes. This less energy consumption helps with less pollution, and it can help the environment massively. 

Reduces Carbon Footprint

Reducing the carbon footprint is the biggest goal of many companies. Luckily with the help of these boxes, it can be done. As these boxes require less energy for manufacturing them from raw materials to a finished product, it helps a lot. Also, these are normally created in flat form. Then these are shipped to the customers in the same form, and they can assemble them on their own. Such flat form helps with better storage in the trucks or delivery vehicles as more of these boxes can fit inside the truck at one time, so the vehicles will be on the road less. It will reduce pollution can lead to a better environment. 

Just because these are Custom Packaging Boxes  does not mean that these cannot be environmentally friendly. With the help of the facts stated above in the article, most of your confusion will be cleared. So if you are looking to buy these packages for your business, then you may look for a supplier to get started.